Obama to arm Syrian Rebels while moves to disarm American Citizens

In case you haven’t heard, Syria is an a bit of an open revolt against its government.  So as to not get into the politics of the Middle East too greatly, regime change might be a good thing, but one can never tell in the terrorist laced hotbed that is the Middle East.

For instance, the Syrian “rebels” have a concentration of Al Qaeda infiltration within their collective ranks.  Is it a high concentration?  Hard to say, but Al Qaeda operatives have been identified as being among the rebels.  One section of rebels have even openly pledged loyalty to Al Qaeda.

With the presence of Al Qaeda among the rebels growing , President Obama has moved to begin arming the Syrian “rebels” with all kinds of guns and ammunition.

Let me repeat that in order to stress the important point…Obama is knowingly and willingly giving military grade weapons to terrorists.

Now, I don’t even want to hear political doublespeak about only arming the “good” rebels because we have a hard enough time differentiating between good and bad native populations in Afghanistan when we have an entire Army on the ground.

But this is only half the story.  While the President is fine with giving military grade heavy weapons to the Syrian Rebels under the auspices of fighting tyranny, he continues to push for and demand that the American people are disarmed of any weapon that could ensure freedom from tyranny.

I wonder how many back ground checks the Obama administration is going to  initiate when handing out machine guns and anti tank rounds to the Syrians?

I guess at the end of the day, in the mind of President Obama, the rights of the Syrians are more important to him than the rights of the American people.




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