New York charges homeowner when he stops vandals

Village of Clyde homeowner Jesse Daniels has found himself victim of two crimes.  The first is having his father-in-law’s house (located next door to his own) broken into and  vandalized with damages in excess of $50,000.  The second is that after capturing the four culprits and holding them in a closet until police arrived, Daniels is being charged with a crime.

As for the first, the hoodlums ransacked Daniels father-in-laws house with graffiti and wholesale destruction.  Below is a photo of just one room that they worked over.


While the vandalism is bad the truly abhorrent crime is that the  Wayne County DA charged Daniels with 4 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.


Now, the hoodlums ages ranged from 8 to 10 but in the middle of the night, doing $50,000 of damage and armed with hammers, these kids are lucky they weren’t shot.

Though this is New York and Governor Cuomo would prefer Jesse Daniels be beaten to death with hammers before he is allowed to defend himself or property with a firearm.

So what did Jesse Daniels do that was so horrible to the young vandals?  He disarmed them of their weapons, forced them into a closet and told them that they were going to stay there until the police arrived.

You read that right.  He caught these punks red handed, destroying his father- in-laws house and held them until the police arrived.  That’s it.  And because he didn’t just laugh off the $50K as boys being boys, these reprobates’ parents had the nerve and gall to attack Daniels actions.

The parents of the vandals told police that Daniels had traumatized their children and that he left a mark on one of their necks when he led them into the closet.

Boo freaking hoo.

One parent, Paul Bowler told a reporter:

“I understand they were in the wrong, but there are other ways to handle it. He (Daniels) knew who the kids were. It’s not like they were strangers. And send the kids home and call the cops then. You don’t sit there and torment them and tell them you’re going to bash their skulls in with a hammer.”

No doubt Bowler would’ve preferred that.  Send the kids home to their parents, where they can come up with a good cover story about how their child was in bed sleeping and couldn’t POSSIBLY have done that damage.  That way, it’s his word vs their word and the parents of the vandals could get out of paying back the $50,000.

If the punks were wetting themselves in a closet because they feared actual punishment for their crimes then all the better.  I hope they are traumatized by this incident so that they will never be so idiotic in the future.

If I EVER had the complete lack of sense and reason to do something so stupid as a child and got caught like these kids I would be traumatized in the closet too.  Not because some irate homeowner with a hammer might bash my head in, but because my FATHER would have tanned my hide something fierce.  Hell, I might have been heading off to military school.

But that’s because I have a good father and not some sniveling, weak willed, excuse making parent who never thinks its “their baby’s” fault.  If anything the presumption of guilt was upon us whenever a teacher or some other authority figure accused us and it was up to us to prove otherwise.

Think of the lesson these kids are learning; do a senseless violent crime, get caught red handed, blame the victim in order to try and get out of it, your parents will help you get away with it.

The lesson they learn is that it is never their fault.  These parents are failures and I am disgusted by them.  The fact that they wanted Daniels to be charged with MORE crimes just goes to show you how completely out of touch with reality they are.

But, in an refreshing twist, the parents themselves are being looked at by the District Attorney’s office and charges may be brought against them.

DA Richard Healey said the parents may be the ones facing charges.

“We are looking into the parents,” Healey said.

Healey wants to know why the children were out on the streets so late at night and said the parents could be charged with endangering the welfare of their own children.

Healey hints that the charges against Daniels may eventually be dropped: “It may very well be his (Daniels) conduct – even if he had a hammer – could be justified.”

I guess that’s as much sanity as one can expect from New York…but it’s something.

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