Bloomberg & crew honor Boston Bomber in roll call

Once again Bloomberg and his cronies illustrate that they are against guns regardless of fact or reason.  This time, they compounded their own disdain for the 2nd Amendment with disdain for common sense and decency.

At a Mayors Against “Illegal” Guns rally Tuesday in Concord, New Hampshire (humorous that these anti freedom thugs would go to the “Live Free or Die” state to begin with) the group thought it would be a moving tribute to read off the names of those who have been “killed with guns” since the December 14th shooting at gun free zone school in Newtown, CT.

Included in these honored dead, MAIG saw fit to include Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name.  Yep.  The Boston Marathon Bomber who killed 3 people and injured another 264 and was shot dead by Police is an example that Mayor Bloomberg and his cabal hold up as a victim of gun violence.

I reiterate, Mayor Bloomberg thinks it is sad that Tsarnaev’s life was cut short because of a firearm wielded by the Boston Police Department.

There are a few things that we can take away from this.  First, the “I” in MAIG is a joke.  Bloomberg and his group aren’t against illegal guns, they are against ALL guns.  By including Tsarnaev’s name as an example of those who died by gunfire as a negative, they illustrate how completely out of touch and extreme their position truly is.

Secondly, if they included this publicly known TERRORIST in their numbers of those who died, how many more in their list were criminals shot by cops, shot by other criminals, shot by law abiding citizens defending themselves etc?

Bloomberg has all ready decided that logic wouldn’t factor into his crusade so now he has decided that neither shall actual facts.  He is so hell bent on trying to restart the gun control push that he has to pad his numbers of gun violence victims with TERRORISTS and CRIMINALS.

Finally, Bloomberg and his ilk continue with their hypocrisy in their crusade to make sure everyone is disarmed except for their bodyguards.  I mean, he laments the death of a terrorist via a firearm at the hands of Boston PD yet is surrounded by armed guards 24/7.  At a speech at MIT he even referred to the NYPD as “my own army”.

“I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I have my own State Department. We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entree into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have.”

This little despot truly thinks he rules his own city-state dictatorship.  What do dictators hate more than anything?  An armed populace to stand against them.  He even denied the National Guard from entering the city to help restore order after Hurricane Sandy because they had guns.

That’s why NYC makes up their own rules to make it nigh impossible for the law abiding to own a gun yet   The NYPD has a 1,000-man army within its increasingly militarized ranks. It has tanks, combat rifles, anti-aircraft weaponry, non-lethal anti-terror sound cannons, and, supposedly, a submarine. And it’s all under the command of one guy, Ray Kelly, who answers solely to one other guy: Mike Bloomberg.

So yes, Mayor Bloomberg is against illegal guns.  He just thinks that all guns that aren’t under his direct control are illegal.  But can you expect much more from a man who feels that the death of a terrorist by a firearm is a tragedy?

Once again, and even i’m surprised he could, Mayor Bloomberg has lowered the bar on revolting slime.

Then again…just look at his upstanding gang of mayors he includes into his group:


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