The Pointlessness of Gun Control and Necessity of Gun Rights Illustrated

In my internet cruising I have come across a great many interesting people and artists from around the world.  One of my favorites is a bi-weekly webcomic written in Germany but which takes place in the US.

The title of the comic is Sandra and Woo.  Its a Calvin and Hobbes type story about a girl and her talking raccoon.  Hi-jinks occur.  The reason I’m bringing this up today is that the author, Oliver Knorzer, has been on a bit of a pro gun rights kick as of late.  I’m not sure if it is by accident or not  but I wanted to share nonetheless.

The first illustrates the futility of gun free zones in an interesting way:


How simple is that?  Any item, in the hands of someone willing to use it can be turned into a weapon.  Should we have pencil control?  Go back to using safety scissors? Do schools still have shop class?  As I recall, that is a room full of files and saws and picks and pointy things that can be used for nefarious intent.   So maybe, if we want to start dealing with the problems of violence instead of gun grabbing talking points, we can look into why children are ready to snap more today than in the past.  But that is a post for another time.

The second strip that caught my 2nd Amendment tuned eye was about Ruth the meat eating squirrel and a lynx looking for lunch.


Of course, the animal kingdom would be a lot different if squirrels were really packing heat but the sentiment is an important one.  In no situation can a squirrel defend itself against a lynx.  It’s a quick meal for the lynx.

Too often in the real world a small woman is set upon by a large attacker who wishes to rob, rape and/or kill her.  While whistles and yelling for help are a nice sentiment, sometimes you have to be your own cavalry.

And like Ruth, sometimes you need to put down the animal who wants to make an easy meal out of you.  That’s just life…your life.

If you are interested in reading more Sandra and Woo and finding out what else happens to the gun toting squirrel visit the site:


Update Edit: Just re-reading the second comic and it dawned on me just how real to life the lynx’s reaction is.  Criminals are often shocked and dismayed the moment a seemingly defenseless mark turns the tables on them.  In this case the lynx must be an MSNBC watcher in thinking that an armed female protecting her life makes her a “psycho”.

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