A tale of two cities, one with victims, one with citizens

This past weekend has once again replayed both the triumph of gun rights and the tragedy of gun control as it relates to the average citizen.

Two men, nearly 1000 miles apart, facing two strikingly similar situations, find the outcome drastically different thanks to the city in which they live.

The first man, Giovanni Donancricchia was a pizzeria owner in Chicago.  The second man was just a guy waiting in line for a store to open in order to buy a pair of sneakers.

On Friday morning, after closing up shop from a busy Thursday night, Giovanni faced a life or death situation as a armed robber broke in through the back door and went to the cash register where Giovanni’s wife, Angela was working.  Giovanni, physically confronted the man and bought Angela enough time to run out the back.  Giovanni rushed after his wife, when he turned to see what the robber was doing he was shot once in the chest and died.

To the south in Atlanta, while a line formed outside of a shoe store as customers waiting to buy a new pair of sneakers being released that Saturday morning, a man with a gun attempted to rob those waiting in line.

I say attempted, because an unnamed law abiding man who was waiting in that line, drew his legally owned firearm and shot the would be robber dead with one shot.

Here we have two cities, two men and two sets of gun laws that allowed one man to die nobly in defense of his wife and another to live nobly while defending a group of people AND stopping an armed and dangerous criminal.

In Chicago, only criminals are allowed to have guns and when that happens the bodies of law abiding citizens keep stacking up.

In Atlanta, in a state that prides itself on the freedom of its citizens to defend themselves, the story is much different.  The man in the line gets to go home at the end of the day and be with his family and live his life.

When the life and death moment came, he was given the opportunity to choose life.  Chicago denied Mr. Donancricchia that ability and as such, his blood is on the hands of the gun control cartel that runs Chicago politics going all the way to Governor Quinn, who has still not signed the Illinois Concealed Carry bill.

How many innocent people have to die in the murder capital of the US in order to get the Chicago political machine to do what’s right?

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