The History and Hypocrisy of Jim Carrey – a buffoon who talks from his ass in real life too

In case you haven’t heard, Jim Carrey has been desperately trying to climb back into the public eye.  Ever since his butt talking and pun heavy shtick grew cold he has tried in vain to recapture some of the fame and media attention.

Like political ghouls before him such as Bloomberg and Obama, Carrey has used the death of innocent children to foster his own resurgence into the public eye.

Carrey is listing the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary as the reason he is condemning his new movie that he has a supporting role in, “Kick Ass 2”.   Carrey tries to side step his own hypocrisy in profiting from a character who glorifies the use of gun violence by saying that it was filmed one month before Sandy Hook and because of that he is now anti-gun and regrets taking the part.

But is that the truth?  Did Carrey become anti-gun because of Sandy Hook?  A quick look at his twitter feed tells a different tale.

On the 23rd of June 2013, Carrey writes:

Yet, last year, this Canadian expresses his view that we lowly simple minded Americans are being exploited by the gun industry and have an addiction to violence.

He went on in simpler terms throughout the summer…MONTHS before he filmed Kick Ass 2…to tell us what he thinks should happen with guns and the 2nd Amendment.

Of course, Carrey really hit his stride after Sandy Hook when he found that his outlandish vitriol was getting him noticed again.  Even going so far as making a video parodying Charlton Heston in “Cold Dead Hands”.  But even BEFORE Sandy Hook, Carrey was calling to seize ALL GUNS and “revise” the 2nd Amendment.  That is anti-gun code for scratch it out.

Some people say that maybe Jim Carrey didn’t know what he was getting into when he signed on for Kick Ass 2.   Scottish comic-book writer and Kick-Ass 2 executive producer Mark Millar, whose original work forms the basis of the sequel, responded on his own blog, pointing out that Carrey, who plays a character named Colonel Stars and Stripes, knew exactly what he was getting himself into.  I mean, a returning character from the first movie is named “Hit-girl”, who is a teenage assassin and good guy.  Her father was a walking arsenal and sniper.  Anyone who saw the first movie, of which Carrey said he’s a fan, and read the script would surely know what the movie was about.

So, the truth of the matter is that Jim Carrey is a Canadian immigrant who has gotten rich off the American way of life, sold out his own convictions for a paycheck, and then wants to eat his cake too by backtracking now that he is getting blowback from his obvious hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, I wanted to see Kick Ass 2 since I liked the first one.  But, Carrey is so brazenly hypocritical and his hatred and belittling of American gun owners is so palpable I will not support him or his movies in any way.

Eventually, if enough people do the same, Carrey will not be able to betray his own feelings for a paycheck…because the offers with stop coming.

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