Common sense returns to RI’s General Assembly

Despite the machinations of Gov. Lincoln Chafee, House Speaker Gordon Fox, Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin the law abiding citizens of Rhode Island will not be dragged over the coals and have their constitutional rights infringed.

The aforementioned cabal of gun grabbing officials supported a series of gun control measures that would have served no purpose but to deny and infringe upon the law abiding right to keep and bear arms.  Among these misguided measures was an “assault” weapons ban, increase the bureaucracy and red tape in order to get a handgun permit and a $100 PER GUN registration scam.

Thanks to a motivated and vocal opposition that staged huge protests at the steps of the Statehouse the bills to price gouge and infringe were left to languish and die in the Assembly.

What did pass though were some reasonable measures aimed at punishing criminals who committed crimes with firearms.  Legislation was passed that would increase jail time for carrying a stolen firearm while committing a violent crime.  Also, it is now illegal to possess a gun with a destroyed serial number.

The General Assembly also voted to create a task force to study adding mental health records to the information used in firearm background checks.

So, the Governor and his cronies wanted to infringe the 2nd Amendment to its citizens and price gouge the law abiding with adding extra hoops in the permit process in the hopes that people would just quit trying to exercise that pesky little right to keep and bear arms.

The General Assembly returned with a big “Forget That” and passed laws that dealt with criminals, shadiness and craziness.

Good job people of Rhode Island.  You made your voices heard and common sense has returned.  There is hope in RI after all.  Keep up the good work.

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