Never bring a knife to a stone and beheading fight

During a Brazillian soccer match in the town of Pius XII, player Linda dos Santos Abreu was ejected from the game by referee Otávio Jordan da Silva de Catanhede. Abreu did not take kindly to his ejection and began to fight with da Silva.

The ensuing fist fight came to an abrupt end when da Silva produced a knife and stabbed Abreu, who would later die en route to the hospital.  This action enraged the friends, family and fans of Abreu who stormed the field and stoned da Silva to death, beheaded him and quartered his body sticking his decapitated head at midfield of the pitch.

This story doesn’t have anything to do with firearms.  I just wanted to illustrate the hypocrisy of countries with strong gun control who like to point to America and say we are a bunch of unsophisticated cowboys who love guns too much.

Yeah…WE’RE the barbarians.

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