You gonna skin that smokewagon or just stand there and bleed?

With all the Zimmerman talk as of late I did some reflection on when to carry, when to draw, when to shoot etc.  That’s when the titled quote (condensed version) from the movie Tombstone came to mind.

Sometimes when we play the hypothetical game we wonder if a situation would warrant skinning that smokewagon and going to work.  Sorry…I just love the dated lexicon.

First things first, when to carry a gun.

Answer: whenever and wherever you legally can.  Going shopping, taking a walk, going to a movie etc.  Why?  Because you never know when you may need your firearm to protect your life.

To sometimes carry and sometimes not is akin to only wearing your seat belt when you are expecting to crash.

I also suggest you get comfortable with your gun, take it to the range and become proficient with it.  And keep it clean and oiled and prepared for use.  Because when you need it and it doesn’t work you have a glorified paperweight on your hip.

When it comes to businesses and movie theatres that hang signs that say “no firearms” you should avoid them because your chances of being a murder victim will drop considerably if you avoid criminal entitlement zones.  But if you need to patron the store or theatre and you live in a state that doesn’t have a law supporting those signs then carry in them anyways.

The worst they can do is ask you to leave.  And when they do, just leave and let them know they lost your business.  If enough people do that maybe money will lessen their hoplophobia.

So now you are carrying everywhere you can…good.  If the worst should happen at least you will have a fighting chance and won’t be like a lamb to the slaughter.

You have your gun holstered on your hip, none of this Plaxico Burress mexican carry shoot yourself in your leg nonsense.

When do you draw?

There is a simple answer for that.  You draw only when you are willing to shoot because you may have to shoot.   None of this waving around in public or to intimidate someone whose chatting up your girl or anything stupid.   Guns can be fun but they are not toys and their consequences are permanent.  Speaking of consequences…

When do you shoot?

Only when you are willing to destroy whatever you are aiming at.  Too many people get wrapped up in the idea that nonsensical things like shooting a gun out of a bad guys hand or aiming to wound a bad guy trying to kill you is an easy thing.  It’s not.  If you are at this step and you are pulling the trigger the time for compromise has passed.

Aim center mass and go to work.

Head shots are for body armor…chances are a few to the chest will do the job.

In summation,

1. Be prepared

2. Be smart

3. Be willing


If you can’t measure up to these 3 guidelines, chances are you are just going to end up standing there and bleeding.

Note: This is what happens when you try to bluff with a gun.  Wyatt Earp smacks you in the face.  But seriously, ole Billy Bob there wasn’t smart by bluffing with his gun and as such had to pay the price.  He’s a bad gun owner…don’t be like Billy Bob.

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