Petition for Obama’s stance on civil rights violations of gun owner

I had forgotten about a little project that President Obama whipped up earlier in his first term.  The administration, put online, a way to petition the White House directly.

With 100,000 online signatures, they supposedly will give you an official response on where the White House stands on an issue.

Well, I figured why not put something together than would force an answer that the White House couldn’t sidestep or bank on a “generous” media to gloss over.

Therefore, I created a petition demanding an investigation into the malicious prosecution and race based witch hunt of gun owner George Zimmerman.

Because Frankly, if George Zimmerman was black, none of this railroading would’ve happened.  He wouldn’t have been tried to begin with and he certainly wouldn’t be getting investigated by the DOJ now.

Furthermore, if Zimmerman, while being pounded into the ground, had picked up a rock and smashed in Martin’s head in, he also wouldn’t have been charged.  But throw in his exercised CIVIL right to keep and bear arms and using it when it was a life and death situation, well, many in the government got the torches lit and went a witch huntin.

I want an official response by the Obama administration on why they support racial bigotry and civil rights violations.

I have 30 days to gather 100,000 signatures to force the White House to answer.  Please help.  Sign the petition here

and share with as many friends as you can.

Thanks.  We can’t let the intolerance and racial bigotry of this administration go unanswered.

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