The false safety blanket of a home security unit

Now, don’t get me wrong, a home security unit like ADT is a great little additional line of protection, especially while you are out of the house. But ADT has taken to selling a false bill of goods with this ad: (sorry it doesn’t embed)

But in the first 5 seconds the scene shows a woman and her daughter walking into their house while the burglar is ransacking the place.  Her voiceover tells the audience that the reason they got ADT is because she walked into a burglary once.

While that is all well and good, in the acted scene, the burglar looks at this woman and simply turns and saunters off.  Maybe that really happens in real life, or maybe this guy turns to her and her daughter and silences them, or does something much much worse.  One would think that after walking in on a burglary that you might value the accessibility of a firearm to stop the burglary from becoming a rape and murder.

But wait, you say that she didn’t have ADT and that would somehow have protected her?  Ok…take a look at this commercial:

You only have to listen until the 22 second mark to hear ADT admit what gun owners have used as a mantra for years.

The narrator says the home invaders broke in at 12:06am and the police arrested them at 12:29am.  When seconds count the police are just minutes away.

That is 23 MINUTES with dangerous men who are a threat to you and your young son just buzzing around your house.  And what if they got to you before ADT called and had you give the ok phrase?  Then you have no cavalry coming to save you.

ADT and other security systems aren’t going to actively protect you.  They are a passive system that will alert the police, who will eventually show up and sort things out.  Remember, the majority of the time, police don’t stop crimes, they investigate them after they’ve been committed.

So by all means have your ADT system.  It’s good when you are not home, it’s good to get emergency services to your home in case of fire.  But you better get something for those 23 minutes you are waiting for the police to show up because a bad guy can make those 23 minutes an eternity.

Food for thought.

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