PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane proves she gets her marching orders from Herr Bloomberg

What do you get when you elect a rabid anti gun Bloomberg backed stooge?  One need look no further than Pennsylvania to see what such a choice can reap.

Kathleen Kane, who didn’t really hide the fact that she was a gun grabbing automaton of Billionaire Bloomberg has gone and proven that she is willing to follow Bloomberg’s directives and goosestep all over the 2nd Amendment.

Following her unlawful evisceration of the Pennsylvania’s reciprocity agreement with Florida to close the boogeyman “loophole” that she campaigned on, she has just now eliminated the reciprocity agreement with Idaho.

What was Idaho’s transgression that forced AG Kane to act and dissolve the agreement?


You read that right.  Idaho made it MORE arduous to get a permit to carry concealed.  It is now more difficult to get a CCW in Idaho than it is to get a LTCF (the PA equivalent) in Pennsylvania.

But because Idaho changed the requirements in getting their permits, ironically so it would be accepted in more states, Kane used the opportunity to re-evaluate the reciprocity agreement in order to destroy it…which she has.

Robert Mulle, Pennsylvania’s chief deputy attorney general, wrote,

“Upon review of Idaho’s relevant statutory provisions, we have determined that mutual reciprocity will no longer be extended to the state of Idaho.”

They are not even trying to hide what they are doing.  I cannot impress this point enough.  Idaho raised the scrutiny for getting a CCW to a point HIGHER than Pennsylvania and Kane took the opportunity to end the reciprocity.

There can be no greater proof that Kathleen Kane, puppet of Mayor Bloomberg who financed her campaign, is out to utterly destroy every Pennsylvania reciprocity agreement she can.

She created a political boogeyman with the Florida “loophole” nonsense but here she decided that she didn’t even have to make the effort.  Kane is on a mission to make the PA LTCF useless in any other state.  And i’ve no doubt that if she had the power she would somehow geld the LTCF in Pennsylvania as well.

This is what happens when you elect a foot soldier in Bloomberg’s Army of gun control zealots.  They do what their master tells them to do…and Bloomberg tells them to destroy the 2nd Amendment in any way they can.

Kathleen Kane is a good little soldier and is following his orders the best she can.

If none stand to oppose her, in the next 3 years she will accomplish all she wants to, making the PA LTCF worthless.

If you are a Pennsylvanian, I would suggest you contact your state Reps and demand action to curtail her ability to gut Pennsylvanians right to keep and bear arms.  Let the battle be joined.



Note: Idaho recognizes the permits of all 50 states and as of this publishing still recognizes Pennsylvania’s LTCF.

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