The fallacy of Bloomberg passing the blame of NYC gun violence to other states

Bloomberg’s gun control measures in New York City have led to the murder of his disarmed citizenry.  Instead of taking a look at how is own policies have failed Bloomberg lashes out at other states and blames their adherence to the Constitution.

Bloomberg pulls the favorite move of gun control advocates; namely, he points to the abject failure of gun control as the reason for MORE gun control.  He also uses this to justify why the Mayor of New York is meddling in the elections of states around the country.

Bloomberg announced that he planned to aid two Colorado state senators who face an  recall vote for supporting gun control.

“Yes, I’m going to give some money, because I think they’ve done what’s right for the people of Colorado,”

But let us get back to the fallacies of his argument.  The first one, as I stated, is the idea that since gun control is failing in his city, if it is expanded it would work better.

That holds as much merit as saying that I publicly let it be known that I do not lock the doors to my house yet all my neighbors do.  Since I keep getting robbed all my neighbors should keep their doors open too.  That’s called Lock Control.

The next fallacy is that illegal guns would stop coming to New York city if every other state had gun control to the level of New York City.  Let’s see, if you are a criminal you can print a gun, you can steal a gun, you can look online and build a gun, you can buy a gun from someone who has done one of the aforementioned acts.  Gun Control, even if it is total, would still ONLY stop the law abiding from getting the means to protect themselves from the criminal or tyrannical.

Plus, thanks to the Obama Administration, you could always get some high powered weapons from Mexico.

The third fallacy is that America is a suburb of New York City.  Here’s a wake up call for the would be King Bloomberg, you may have lied, cheated and stole your way to a 3rd term as Mayor of New York but the rest of America will not be bamboozled by your billions.  Your decrees do not and will not trump the Constitutional rights of the rest of America.

Even now, your criminal filled, misleadingly named group, Mayors Against “Illegal” Guns is imploding as members are scurrying as fast as possible from your sinking ship.

With the continued passage of pro gun bills throughout the nation, the recall elections of anti-gun State Senators in Colorado and your own group imploding, I feel like the country is finally taking notice and your fallacious arguments are withering under the naked like of day.

After all, this ain’t the USofNY.

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