Attempted Mass Murder Proves It’s Time For California To Ban “Assault” Vehicles

In another example of California’s wanton disregard for the safety of its citizens, the permissible culture of Sacramento allows anyone to buy an “assault” vehicle without passing a background check.

Oh sure, if they buy this killing machine on four wheels from a Licensed dealer then they may have to undergo a little credit check and the dealer will keep a record of the transaction…but what about the USED CAR LOOPHOLE!?!?!?!

The state of California, due to the Lobbying Power of the Big Three auto companies has turned a blind eye to this danger and it has proven costly.

On Saturday, August 3rd in Los Angeles, attempted serial killer Nathan Louis Campbell parked his “assault” vehicle outside a hotel and picked out his targets on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

On the surveillance video, Campbell got into a large black car, steered around a vehicle barrier and accelerated mercilessly through the crowd, hitting one person after another as bystanders tried desperately to get out of the way.

It is a miracle that only one person lost their life, it is a tragedy that it wasn’t Campbell.

But the outcry that will no doubt come will be:

“why was this psychopath allowed to purchase this car? Background checks for ALL car purchases.”

“Close the used car loophole”

“the car was black and scary, it needs to be BANNED”

“the name of the car is the Avenger…that’s scary too…BAN IT”

“There needs to be a 15mph max on all cars”

His car of choice was the Dodge Avenger, is a V-6 283 HP performance machine.  Why can’t he just drive an old slow jalopy like Henry Ford started with, it will be safer for pedestrians.

The Avenger was used in a double homicide in Detroit…BAN THEM EVERYWHERE!!!!

What?  You don’t think so?

I don’t blame you.  It’s ridiculous to think that the things in the aforementioned outcry would do anything to stop some nutjob with murder on his mind from driving his car into a crowd of people.  But that is what passes  in the gun control crowd as “logic”.

See, if Campbell had used a firearm to shoot 11 people and killing 1, rest assured that Bloomberg and his cabal of tragedy exploiting bottom feeders would be all over it.  The media would sensationalize the account and try to stoke fear into the general public to support the gun control agenda.  President Obama would get on TV and say if he had a boardwalk it would look like Venice Beach….you get the point.

I mean, this isn’t even the first mass car attack in the area.

The crash was not far from where an elderly driver sped through an open-air farmer’s market in Santa Monica in 2003, killing 10 people and injuring more than 70 others. Investigators said George Weller, who was 86 at the time, mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the brake and then panicked. He was doing up to 60 mph when he plowed through the market.

It is easier for an 86 year old driver who can’t tell the gas from the brake  and whose reaction time is so slow he’ll hit 80 people before he can stop, to keep his license than it is for a 20 year old Iraq War veteran from getting a pistol permit in most states.



Since Campbell used a car though, then it’s all about his mental health and the “why” he did it.  No one is going to start campaigns against “assault” vehicles.  The Dodge Avenger is not going to be legislatively neutered by forcing a governor on it making the top speed 35 mph.  Black cars are not going to be banned and replaced with neon only colors with flashers of every side of it…because…you know…safety.

So come on California…lead the country like you so often like to prattle on that you do.  Pass the first comprehensive “assault” vehicle ban.  Then when you pass that, acknowledge that “assault” vehicles are really just like regular vehicles (only black) and as such you need to ban regular vehicles as well.

Finally, you can have traffic control and the “citizens” of California can give up their freedom of travel and movement to you and the public transportation you provide. Because the public can’t really be trusted with the freedom of movement, can they?

Hmmm…that idea is so whacked out crazy I wouldn’t be surprised if Sacramento gave it a try.


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