But…I thought you CONTROLLED the guns in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg does say he’s after ILLEGAL guns right?

Hmmm…interesting, because all the laws on the books that strip New Yorkers of their god given right to keep and bear arms didn’t stop 14 year old Shaaliver Douse from walking up to a group at 3am and open fire.

From surveillance videos of Sunday evening, Douse, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, fires at a group of men standing outside a bodega and then chases after one of them. Douse fired four shots in all.

Douse’s shooting spree ended rather abruptly when Police showed up  and shot him in the face.

Fortunately, no innocent bystanders were hurt in gunfire.

Now, Bloomberg will probably blame some other state for lax gun laws, but that doesn’t really hold water here.  No state in the union allows for a 14 year old boy to buy a handgun legally.  Plus, how is this 14 year old kid getting to Pennsylvania or VIrginia to take advantage of, what Bloomberg calls, “lax” gun laws?

No, someone in New York City illegally sold or gave this gun to Douse and he used it to open fire on a crowd.   No gun control law could stop that because their is no legal way for Douse to own the firearm to begin with.

The ironic thing is that this wasn’t even Douse’s first attempted murder.  He was charged in May with attempted murder after a 15-year-old boy was shot in the Bronx neighborhood where Douse lived. That shooting took place two miles from where Douse was later shot to death.

Douse was also charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing in connection to the incident.  The Bronx DA chose not to prosecute citing lack of evidence.

I’m sorry…lack of evidence?  Criminal possession of a weapon in New York City is having the weapon on you that is illegal to have.  It basically is the equivalent of being caught red handed.

But Bloomberg doesn’t really care about illegal guns.  While a moral reprobate,  he’s smart enough to realize that criminals will always be able to get their hands on guns.  Yet he hates the notion of guns and the liberty they protect so much that he goes after the only group that gun control laws will actually affect, ie the law abiding.

In the end you get a law abiding population disarmed and gun toting 14 year olds running loose like it’s Lord of the Flies.

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