Gun Co.: Should they stay or should they go now?

As a gun owner, I have always found it ironic that some of the most prominent names in firearms are located in the most restrictive gun-unfriendly states in the Union.

Colt (CT), Springfield (MA), Henry (NJ), Kimber(NY), Smith and Wesson (MA) are all located in hypocrisy states.  I call them hypocrisy states because while the State Legislatures and Governors enjoy the jobs and tax that gun companies in their state provide, they still pass laws that make the wares being built illegal to sell in that state.

With the recent surge in support for the right to keep and bear arms by a majority of Americans (who are buying firearms in record numbers) meeting the knee jerk reactionary “do something now” thinking of politicians, these firearm companies are finding themselves with a quandary.

Should they stay in their states like a abused wife whose husband doesn’t love but still makes her cook dinner or do they move out to a friendly and welcoming state.

If they go there could be trouble in the moving costs and relocation of an entire workforce.  Yet if they stay, it could be double because they stay in a politically abusive relationship while also running the risk of alienating and insulting their customers.

Now, am I saying that I will stop buying from these companies because they help feed the beast of gun control states?  Yes, I am.  When Smith & Wesson betrayed the 2nd Amendment by becoming implicit in BIll Clintons attack on gun rights, the people made themselves heard with their wallets and nearly drove S&W out of business.

Just as I wouldn’t buy a car (no matter how good it was) that was funded by Al Qaeda, nor will I buy items from companies whose profits will be taxed and turned over to people like Governors Cuomo, Malloy and O’Malley.

And yes, moving an entire company to another state costs a lot of money, but you have states basically THROWING money at these companies to facilitate the move.  The rewards for moving would show myself and the rest of the gun owning population that you (the company) actually give a damn about the 2nd Amendment and not just making money.  That in turn…would actually help you make more money.

I would much rather buy from a company located in a state that has a long history of respecting and protecting the Second Amendment.  I mean, I don’t want to buy an American Flag made in China, why would I want to buy a firearm and support similar regimes.

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