Kahr Firearms Tells Orange County NY to Suck Lemons

Kahr Firearms Group were in the final stages of finalizing a deal to open up a factory in Orange County New York which would have brought much needed jobs to the area.  Then, Governor Cuomo and his backers in the legislature decided to gut New Yorkers right to keep and bear arms.

As a result, Kahr will be moving its Corporate Office across the border to the friendlier political climes of Pennsylvania at the end of the year. They will also be building their new factory in Pike County PA.

The spokesman for Kahr didn’t try to sidestep the reasons why they were making the move either.  He put the reason that New York was losing these jobs squarely on the passage of the ridiculously named SAFE Act that Cuomo rammed through the Assembly before anyone could object.

Frank Harris, Kahr’s vice president for sales and marketing:

“We’re looking for a more friendly environment for our business.  Maybe we could have stayed here and built a plant, but the way the bill was passed left us feeling there were a lot of uncertainties going forward.”

“Why take a chance when we can be in a state where they’re not looking to cause us any problems?”

As a Pennsylvanian I appreciate Cuomo’s dedication to the exporting of good paying jobs.

I had written previously about my feelings with regards to Firearm Companies that remain in states that hate them.  I felt uncomfortable supporting them when the money would in part (paid in taxes) support the very anti-gun regimes that made said state the way it is.

On the other hand, I didn’t quite realize how much I would want to purchase items from companies that tell their former states to pound sand and end up moving to more welcoming states.  States that actually appreciate what you build and don’t just leech on you like a parasite for tax revenue, yet make it more and more difficult to ply your trade.

With that being said, Pennsylvania has been less than perfect when it comes to the Second Amendment.  With gun hating crusaders like Bloomberg backed AG Kathleen Kane and the anti gun policies of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has proven slightly susceptible to the machinations of the anti-liberty fringe.

Let us just hope that the politicians in Harrisburg take a lesson from New York and do things that PROMOTE liberty.  More people will want to live there and companies will want to come there.  And if the politicians don’t get the lesson, I hope my fellow Pennsylvanians will, and vote people to Harrisburg that will protect the interests of the Commonwealth.

Now I am off to check out what I can buy from Kahr.  Gotta let them know they made the right call!

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