Surprising exemption in Illinois for out of state CCW holders

As you may know, Illinois was the final holdout of states that officially barred its citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  With the recent override of Gov. Quinn’s veto last month, Illinois has finally shed the biggest hurdle of its unconstitutional ways and now allows concealed carry.

While there are some hoops that must still be jumped through for the people of Illinois in order to get their CCW (16 hour class, still need a FOID card) Illinois has leapt ahead of other anti-rights states, such as New York and Hawaii, by becoming a shall issue state.

If you are not barred by law then the issuing authority MUST give you a CCW.  In states like Hawaii, New York and California some areas are a de facto no-issue area because discretion is given to the issuing authority and if they hate the 2nd Amendment then you’re going to be denied your right.

All that is fine and good for Illinois and its people, but as someone who doesn’t live there, yet does travel through on occasion I wondered what this new law meant for me.

Any reciprocity?  Nope.  Illinois does not (and I doubt will not until there is regime change at the top) recognize any other states CCW for walking around with a firearm.

(I’ll get back to the walking part in a minute)

If you do want to walk around Illinois while legally armed you will have to submit yourself to the process of getting a Illinois CCW;  with the hoops to go through at double the price ($300 for 5 years) that Illinois citizens go through.

Eh…i’m not really dying to go to Chicago anyways.

But here’s the surprising part of the law that is addressed by the Illinois State Police FAQ section of their website.

Illinois DOES recognize EVERY states weapons permit so long as you limit yourself to carrying in your vehicle.  That is more of an extension of rights to out of staters than anti gun states such as New York offer.

While I do not plan on ponying up $300 and the hassle of getting an Illinois CCW, it is nice to know that I can pass through the state legally armed and able to defend myself against carjackers and what have you.

Looking at it as a whole, the CCW bill that passed in Illinois could have been better…but it could have been a lot worse as well.

The fact that they gave any leeway to residents of other states is surprising…and hopefully something to build on when regime change finally comes and the Chicago machine inevitably breaks down.

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