When gun control “logic” seeps into other aspects of life

See if this sounds familiar; an individual does something stupid or illegal with a gun that is not representative of responsible, law abiding gun owners in general.  A knee jerk reaction by a skittish “we need to act” political body forces some nonsensical, worthless and ultimately pointless gun control legislation that does nothing more than infringe and harass people who would never abuse their right in the first place.

Welcome to New York.  Not too surprising that this knee jerk, micromanaging, Big Brother-esque nanny state mentality with gun control colors other aspects of the lives of its denizens.

Case in point, right outside of Albany is Green Island, NY.  Green Island, following the lead of the controllers at the Capitol decided to deal with a persons ability to have pets.

Because of a single person who happened to have 10 pets in one apartment (though no mention as to whether the animals were mistreated or malnourished) the powers that be decided that action was necessary.

Green Valley Island Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan parroted the mantra of gun control activists when the speak about sporting rifles,  “I can’t possibly see why anyone would need more than three animals in their home”.

Now, while I in no way support a person having more animals then they can properly handle or keep healthy and happy, who is McNulty-Ryan to dictate how many animals that a person should have based on his own opinion.

Furthermore, there are plenty of laws on the books that all ready protect animals from abuse and living in squalid conditions.  Adding laws limiting the number of pets only serves to punish everyone for the action of one person or the whim of someone in charge.

In the role of rights activist is Brad Shear who is the executive director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.  He brings the same common sense point to this matter as gun rights activist use to combat ridiculous gun control legislation:

“We want to adopt to responsible people and lots of responsible people can have more than three animals.  I don’t think it’s the number of animals in a person’s home that’s really the issue. It’s how those animals are being cared for.”

Because really…at the end of the day, there are tons of pets (and firearms) that just want a good home with responsible people.

Apparently in the mind of many New York politicians, being a responsible pet or gun owner is impossible without government control.

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