The Disenfranchisement of the American Gun Owner

Unbeknownst to me as an American, showing ID in order to exercise a right is apparently unconstitutional.  I say unbeknownst because as a gun owner it seems like I’m forced to show ID all the time to exercise my rights.

Yet, for the THIRD time, the courts have ruled in Pennsylvania that the voter ID law that would require a voter to prove they were who they said they were before they could cast a ballot, has been blocked.

Apparently, according to the judge and those seeking to abolish the voter ID law, requiring identification somehow is racist, ageist, and a plot to disenfranchise voters.  All it takes is a little bit of time to get a FREE identification card and then you would be able to vote easy peasy, somehow that is too great a burden to bear.

According to those who oppose voter ID laws, the young are too stupid to get IDs, minorities are too lazy and the old are too feeble.  Hmmm…who are the bigoted ones again?

While attacks on voter ID laws are being waged in a number of states including Texas and North Carolina, lets focus on Pennsylvania.

The Senior US Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey,  issued a statement saying that the strike down is a victory and hopes that it leads to a permanent ban of the law.

Very interesting.  Bob Casey initially ran as a pro gun blue dog democrat yet as of late he seems to embrace the gun control zeal of his party’s leader.  As such I doubt he would but…

Will he also defend gun owners who are subject to even MORE disenfranchising hurdles in order to exercise their rights?

In his very own state not only are we required to show ID in order to purchase a handgun if we want to carry that handgun concealed we also have to PAY for an additional form of identification.

That right there is twice as much disenfranchisement.  Not to mention the invasive background check and the rights violations in Philadelphia via segregation, police brutality of gun owners, among other things.

Sen Casey, in all honest decency, if he cannot tolerate voters needing an ID card that is provided to them for free then he MUST also stand against the Jim Crow style poll tax and disenfranchisement of the American Gun Owner both in Pennsylvania and the country at large.

Why must we show ID to exercise our 2nd Amendment right when that is too much of an infringement in exercising our 14th, 15th, or 19th Amendment rights?

Why must we pay for a CCW (or even need one at all) when poll taxes that disenfranchise the poor were outlawed with the 24th Amendment?

I doubt I can expect Sen. Casey’s support the next time I go to a firearms dealer to buy a handgun and refuse to provide ID and then sue the gun dealer for violating my rights.

When they say they need it for NICS I can again find the presence of Casey to support my suit against the federal government for background checks wanting as well.

I doubt Sen Casey and others who are against Voter ID laws will be too willing to protect our (gun owners) rights and as such we will continue to have financial hardships and unconstitutional requirements levied upon us in hopes to disenfranchise us.

Let us continue to dash their hopes and carry on.

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