Who needs a gun? How about old people

It is often regurgitated by the gun grabbing zealots that firearms are just an unnecessary holdover from our country’s founding.  That the 2nd Amendment is some anachronism that should be purged from the modern era and relegated to the pages of history.

Even if we set aside the understanding that the 2nd Amendment is included in the BIll of Rights as one of the pillars of our liberty in order to defend against tyranny, the need for firearms is ever present.

Why?  Because bad people exist in the world.  And those bad people prey upon those who are weaker than they.  Sometimes these cowardly curs join with others like them to form packs.

And with size and numbers these bottom feeding scumbags have little fear of the unarmed person they will victimize.

Unarmed people like 88 year old Delbert Belton of Spokane Washington who was  robbed and beaten to death with flashlights by two black punks while he was going to play pool.

Unarmed people like 99 year old Fannie Gumbinger who had her Poughkeepsie NY home broken into and was beaten to death by the burglar.

Unarmed people like 92 year old Arteria King who was beaten to death in earshot of his bedridden wife and then his wife’s 50 year old aid was sodomized by the home invader and murderer, while Arteria lay dying on the floor.

Unarmed people like 63 year old Richard Eley of Philadelphia when he was beaten to death inside his own home by his 23 year old neighbor.

Would being armed have saved the lives of these elderly people?  Maybe, maybe not, but it would have given them the chance to fight or scare off their attackers instead of being snuffed out like lambs to the slaughter by people 60 years their junior.

It is said that “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal”.

I do not expect many octogenarians to fight off a pair of teenage hooligans, but I can imagine our senior citizens have the ability to squeeze a trigger and either force the attackers to stop or at least reconsider their intentions.

There are too many stories like Delbert Belton.  There are too many rabid dogs in the world.  It is a good notion for the elderly (and others) to have the means to put down these mongrels when they are being beset by them.

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