Bloomberg…dude…when no one shows up perhaps 90% just ain’t so

Bloomberg’s dog and pony show, aka No More Names Bus Tour, has a bit of a logistical problem.  No one is showing up.

In case you haven’t heard of this bus tour, it is a bus with a bunch of names of people killed by firearms that Bloomberg says he is honoring (like the Boston Marathon Bomber) and the gun ctonrollers drive across the country and try to hold rallies to push their agenda.

The funny part is that in order not to be overwhelmed by people who believe in liberty and freedom the bus tour doesn’t actually announce publicly where it is going to be.  It just kind of shows up and hopes that the magical “90%” of Americans who agree with them will show up.

What they get is more like this:



Des Moines




Chester PA


Missoula, MT


(the above picture isn’t of her alone for effect, there are no other shadows on the ground, their is no crowd around her)

Now remember, a lot of the people you see in these photos are RIDING THE BUS.

And while I jest that Bloomberg’s magical mystical bus tour doesn’t tell anyone about where its stopping, they don’t promote it openly but DO tell their ardent supporters of where it’s going to be.  Mostly through social media, emails and the like.

THESE are the ardent supporters of gun control?

Sounds about right.

When even your billions of dollars cannot generate minuscule results of “astro-turf”, I believe it is telling on who has real support.

And what happens when they were publicly announcing their tour dates (or gun owners found out anyways)?

People who actually believe in a cause showed up.  Unfortunately for NYC’s number 1 nanny it was these people:

Atlanta (outnumbering GC’ers 3 to 1)


Not overwhelming numbers mind you, but then again its not our rally, it a counter rally.  But with a three to one margin you get the sense of where the real energy is.

Besides, when we do feel the need to make our voices heard, we don’t need the prodding of a New York City billionaire.








Gun Rallies NY

Of course, as gun owners we don’t really care who knows about our rallies because we truly are grassroots and the billionaire nanny can rail against that fact all he wants but the truth is in the turnout.

And look at the location of these gun rights rallies.  Philadelphia, Lansing, Olympia and ALBANY.  These aren’t the stereotypical hotbed of 2nd Amendment activism.  Just another chip away at the big lie the gun grabbing press and those they work with.

Belief in the 2nd Amendment and the liberty it ensures transcends geography, race, economic standing and gender.

It’s hard to get excited about someone else controlling your life and as such our rallies will continue to be bigger than theirs.



Edit: thanks to one of our readers for providing this photo of a pro-gun rally in MARYLAND of all places


Thousands show up in a rights infringing state like Maryland.  Just goes to show, like in Albany NY, where their is tyranny, there are those willing to stand up and fight against it.

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