Spokane Police Chief Straub prefers you just roll over and take it

In a story that enraged me so much I took a night to calm down so this article wouldn’t be laced with f-bombs and other expletives, Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub blames 88 year old WWII vet Delbert Belton for his own death.

How did this octogenarian cause his own death?  Did he hurl racist comments at two black teens?  Did he follow them around and make them uncomfortable?  Did he start the fight and/or threaten the thugs?

No.  According to Chief Straub, Delbert Belton caused his own death because he had the audacity to fight back when he was being robbed.  Straub basically is letting the two killers off the hook because they really just wanted to do a quick robbery but that uppity old guy just had to make trouble.

No…seriously.  In Straub’s own words:

“Our information is that the individual (Belton) fought back and that may have made this, you know, a worse situation”

Straub quickly realized that he might have let a little too much truth sneak out there and tried to backpedal from that statement.  Yet after that he went on to blame society coupled with Belton’s courage as reasons that two young people have their lives ruined.


Straub continues:

“It was a robbery that two young people, one of whom was at one point actively involved in basketball, committed on what they perceived to be a victim, and a ready victim,”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does it matter that one of them was actively involved in basketball?!?  Does that somehow negate the brutal beating death of a man who took a bullet on Okinawa nigh 70 years ago?  Once again Straub indicates that Belton should have just been a ready victim and he would be alive.

Straub wasn’t done trying to make these murderers into sympathetic victims:

“One of these individuals was pretty much a standout basketball player — and because nobody wrapped their arms around him, nobody cared enough about him, he’s now going to face murder and robbery charges and, probably, he’s looking at the rest of his life being significantly affected — if not destroyed — by this.”

You know whose life was actually destroyed by this?  DELBERT BELTON.  The innocent man these hooligans beat to death.  And how does Chief Straub know if they were hugged or not growing up?  How does he know anything about them?

Chief Straub should be immediately stripped of his position and fired.  His asinine and cavalier actions with regards to this case show that he doesn’t care about protecting the innocent but more so in coddling and excusing the guilty.

But Straub’s mental disorder goes deeper than this one case.  It is a line of reasoning that is echoed by many gun controllers and others who are anti-self defense.

They believe that fighting back is bad, especially bad if you do so with a gun.  They want you to let the crime just happen for a number of reasons.

They might not have the personal courage to fight back and be responsible for their own safety and therefore they think no one should.

They feel that every criminal just needs a hug and as such shouldn’t have to face injury when committing their crimes.

They believe that a government agency will protect them and as such believe that everyone should just forfeit their right to self defense…because apparently we are just lowly peons who cannot grasp the nuance of being beaten to death and just being beating for a robbery.

I wish Delbert Belton had a gun on his last night on Earth.  I wish he shot those two rabid animals to death and went into his lodge to play pool and never gave them another thought.

Of course, the race baiters of the world would come out of the woodwork and make Belton out to be some racist murderer, because according to Straub it is better to be beaten to death then kill two teens who weren’t hugged enough.

And Straub would probably be railing against the actions of Belton because these two teens would NEVER have really hurt him and they were just misunderstood.

All I can say is that 70 years ago, Delbert Belton answered the call and fought for his country.  Last week he fought for his life and in doing so died a hero.


It is a shame that Chief Straub fights for his murderers.



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