Obama only cares if you get shot BEFORE you can beat a man to death.

While some of the circumstances are different in regards to the Trayvon Martin attempted murder of George Zimmerman and the actual murder of Delbert Belton at the hands of Demitrius Glenn and Kenan Kenard, I find some things rather telling in their respective fallouts.

Most notably, the deafening silence by those who were so outraged by Trayvon Martin being stopped before he killed Zimmerman.  If it wasn’t for the internet reporting on the death of Delbert Belton I doubt many would ever have heard about it.  It’s not like the “mainstream” media is covering it with circus-like aplomb.

And heaven forbid if anyone even hinted at the idea that two black street thugs killed an 88 year old white man based in part because of racism.

Also, did you even know the names of Demitrius Glenn and Kenan Kinard before you read this?  I recall Martin and Zimmerman being household names for the past 2 years.

Then we have the president,  Mr. Obama.  A while back he went on the air and recounted how if he had a son, he would look just like Trayvon.  First of all, big friggin deal, what does that matter other than to incite some racial overtones on the situation.

Guess what, there are probably MILLIONS of people who have grandfathers and fathers who look like Delbert Belton.  President Obama being one of them.


But no.  Because Delbert Belton was the wrong color his murderers won’t get the added scrutiny of being racists.  In fact, as I wrote yesterday, people such as the Spokane Chief of Police will even try to mitigate their crimes by saying they weren’t hugged enough as children.

The more I think about it the less doubt I have that if Delbert Belton shot and killed his attackers the race baiting machine would have ratcheted up full force against him and President Obama would have found himself with 2 more imaginary sons.


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