This holiday weekend, hit the shooting range and patron pro gun businesses…here’s how.

If, like many Americans you find yourself on a long weekend, be it near home or on a trip, here are 2 sites that you might want to consult in order to maximize your enjoyment this holiday.

For anyone who shoots on a regular basis you probably know where all the ranges are near your house.  But what about when you are visiting family or friends, or just out of town on vacation?

Well, if you are in need of finding a range to squeeze off some rounds look no further than

This site gives you a list of ranges that you can easily find either by state or zip code.  The site even breaks down the ranges by what they offer and provide, such as Archery, handgun, rifle, retail, rental, women or youth programs etc.

Not only that, if you have a range that you like and it is not listed, the site is a cooperative in which you can submit the range and bolster their catalog.

If you are like me, and considering how many “I like guns and coffee” folk read this blog many of you are, you like to patronize businesses that support your rights to keep and bear arms.  Or at the very least are not actively supporting the infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

While you may know of the businesses around you that have pro and anti gun policies when you are on a trip or vacation, how can you know that your businesses as a gun owner will be welcome?

The answer can be found at

This site is also a cooperative catalog of experiences and interactions that gun owners have had with businesses around the country.  Using google maps as their template, allows you to easily find businesses and read the experience and ratings that gun owners who have gone their before had.

While I admit that some areas are vastly underrepresented, it is a work in progress and as more gun owners utilize the site the information and number of businesses covered will improve.

All in all, have a fun safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


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