Happy Labor day…no, not you unions…but to those who labor

First and foremost, if you find yourself with a job during this Obama driven economic malaise, congratulations.

Secondly, the idea of Labor day to celebrate Unions bothers me.  Perhaps that stems from my dealings with being FORCED to join a union and in doing so having the amount of money I was paid limited since excellence cannot be rewarded.  That always struck me as un-American.  And the fact that the MLB Players union has all but destroyed the game a time or two doesn’t help either.

But I digress.

As the majority of Americans celebrate Labor by ironically not working, I would like to take a moment to thank those around the world who labor in order to maintain our way of life.

No, i’m not talking about pre-teen sweat shop workers in China who make your Nike’s or the peasant farmhands who grow exotic fruits.

I’m talking about the men and women of our armed forces, who stand a post and armed with a rifle or other weapon defend our right to exist while so far from home.


While putting their lives on the line they don’t go on strike to complain about not having fresh donuts in the break room.  The closest thing to a union they have is their unit number and the bond that connects them runs deeper than any union due can buy.

Our military service members do what is required of them because that is what they signed up for, and that is what is required of them.

As American citizens the least we can do is to take a moment today as we grill hot dogs and burgers and thank them for their sacrifice and their labor from which is maintained our liberty and freedom.

But to truly thank them we must also labor and fight against tyranny here at home so that their sacrifices won’t be in vain.  I mean, with so many politicians fighting for unconstitutional programs, tyranny based gun control measures and just plain un-American initiatives, our military members may return to a country they do not even recognize.

So enjoy your Labor day and remember that we must labor and fight so that those who have given so much in order to protect our way of life have not done so in vain.

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