Rocky Mountain Showdown, T-Minus 1 week

It’s not often that September brings election day excitement like that found currently in Colorado.  With the recall election of two anti-liberty state senators, the stage is set for an election on September 10th that will reverberate throughout the country.

What is at stake for both Colorado and the rest of the country? The very fundamental basis of representative governance.  In that, are elected officials free to disregard the will of their constituency and pass unconstitutional laws that restrict the rights of said constituency?

A lot of people say that is what we have elections for, but what if actions are so egregious, or the governance is so inept and damaging that waiting for terms to end may cause irrevocable harm?

This is what the ability to recall is meant for.  And shame on those who find themselves on the wrong side of recalls who say otherwise.

People like gun grabbing Colorado Governor Hickenlooper who stated:

“These recall elections cost a small fortune and do nothing to improve democracy or representative government.  They are intended to intimidate and punish a select number of Democratic legislators for daring to vote their conscience — for daring to do the right thing to make their communities safer”

No, Governor Hickenlooper, your lap dogs that gave you the rights infringing bill in the first place aren’t being punished for voting their conscience, they are being held accountable for telling their constituency to suck it.  

I find it rather pathetic that you would try to make this into some maneuver in which you are painting Democrats as being victims.  Going so far as supporting an appeal to the courts in order to stop the process.  I guarantee you that if there were a Republican who voted for the rights infringing bills you champion then they would be being recalled at this moment as well.

But I do wonder, Gov. Hickenlooper, if it were Republicans who were being recalled for NOT voting for your gun control legislation would you be bemoaning the costs and how “unfair” it was to those Republicans who were voting THEIR conscience?  Hmmm…i wonder…

Anyways, what will the outcomes of the recall elections next Tuesday mean?

If the recall elections fail and both gun grabbing, freedom hating Senators  Morse and Giron survive then it will bolster Mayor Bloomberg’s clout on the National stage as he has poured in over $1 million to defend them.  It will also encourage other politicians to disregard the will of their constituency to pass whatever rights infringing bill that comes before them as they will see any backlash as impotent.

So, a failed recall will help gun grabbers, New York Nanny-Mayors and tyranny in general.

But, if the recall elections are a success it will once again reaffirm the greatness that is America.  That the people aren’t just an afterthought of politicians that are noticed every couple years come election time.  That we are not peons helpless to the dictates of the body politic.  A successful recall will put the rest of the politicians in this country (Republicans, Democrats et al) on notice that their actions and votes have repercussions and consequences and that they can only thumb their nose at the voters for so long before the voters strike back.

It will also prove that the whim and dictates of an East Coast Billionaire cannot buy the electoral process and that grass roots will beat astro turf hands down.  (no seriously, click on that hyperlink to see the difference in photos)

Revolutions after all, come in many forms.


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