The Gun Controllers’ Nightmare…Real Tales of Self Defense with a Firearm

Gun Controllers say that law abiding gun owners NEVER stop crime.  They talk in hyperboles that reduce a law abiding person with a gun during a violent encounter to either a catatonic drooling simpleton who will freeze or a trigger happy cowboy who will shoot everyone in site.

And of course the liberal gun hating press goosesteps right along with that notion.  Maybe it’s solely for ideological reasons, maybe it has to do with sensationalizing death for ratings but the truth is there are THOUSANDS of massacres that are stopped every year because someone has a gun.

The gun grabbing zealots like to deny this truth simply because the absence of dead bodies somehow doesn’t convince them that gun owners save lives.  Lets say a teacher at Sandy Hook elementary was armed and killed the intruder before he killed anyone, say he only managed to wound a few kids.

The story would STILL be anti gun, even though he illegally aquired his guns and it was a law abiding teacher who stopped him.  As rational human beings we could point to the fact that there aren’t dozens of dead bodies as proof that an armed citizen saved lives, but the gun control crowd runs screaming from both logic and rationality.

So, sometimes pictures are worth more than words and moving pictures even more so.

Here’s one from May of a man who was attacked in a mugging inside of a Wal-Mart.  The beating was stopped cold when the “victim” pulled out his side arm and the attacker fled in due to the need to change his pee-pee pants

(keep your eye on the man in pink and you only need to watch till the 60 second mark)

This next one includes a thug attempting to rob a store at gun point earlier this week.  The only problem?  Jon Lewis Alexander, the 30 year military veteran with 4 tours in Iraq manning the store, wasn’t too keen on the idea of being held up and quickly turned the tables by pulling his own sidearm and all but shoving it down the would be murderer/robbers throat.

Oh and as for tired and racist stereotype that gun owners are only old white guys?  Here’s a story that occurred on June 22nd of this year when an armed assailant tried to rob more than 30 people in line waiting for the new Lebron James shoes down in Atlanta.

Even though this next one happened last year, I want to include it because it always amuses me.  With the right sound track it is a Benny Hill episode as this 65 year old female business owner fights off an attack on FIVE armed robbers.

Finally, just because I grew up watching Rocky, here’s a montage of gun owners defending their lives and those around them with their firearms.

But according to the gun haters in America you just imagined you saw all those law abiding citizens defending themselves with guns because apparently it NEVER happens.

Yeah…and the Second Amendment is about hunting.

Keep Calm, Carry On and Shoot the Bad Guys.

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