You shouldn’t have to ask permission for digging a hole in your yard or owning a gun

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant me the right to keep and bear arms.

No, really, not being sarcastic.

The fact that I am living, endowed with inalienable rights by my creator, of which is the right to defend myself against harm and tyranny is what gives me the right to keep and bear arms.

The 2nd Amendment only states that truth and tells the government that they are not allowed to infringe upon that truth.

Not like the government listens all the time.

Regardless, you shouldn’t have to ask the governments permission to exercise a right that you have by natural law.

With thinking about all these inalienable rights I can’t help but remember the first draft of the Declaration of Independence used John Locke’s phrase “Life, Liberty and Property”.  I guess it is more poetic to say “pursuit of happiness”.

But do we own our property?  Or really, are we just place holders until the government wants to kick us out?  Eminent domain makes me wonder.

Much like the question: Does the government actually understand our natural right to firearms, or are we just holding onto them until the government decides to pass a law to take them away? (or at least try to)

This philosophical quandary sprang to mind recently when I read about the small city of  Menifee, CA roughly 80 miles east of LA.

Apparently, last month, the City Council passed an ordinance allowing property owners to build underground bunkers on their property.  My first thought was…you mean they couldn’t before?  For some reason the ordinance was apparently “hotly contested”.

Now, while I myself am no prepper, I appreciate the effort that people go to in order to protect themselves and I just figured that if you wanted to dig a subterranean panic room on your private property it was your right to do so.

I mean, it’s not an eyesore, doesn’t effect solar energy, can’t be seen…outside of making sure you aren’t digging where a gas or electrical line might be, why would the government have any say whatsoever in you digging a hole on your property and then filling that hole in?

That question is what led to the gun control mindset to come full circle and emphasize that it really is about control.

Some city officials  are concerned with  safety of police and first responders answering emergency calls and the potential for owners to hide criminal activity, such as drug manufacturing.

Deputy Mayor Wallace Edgerton says: “Most people are going to use their bunkers for good reason, but you do have some sick people out there. Children have been held in bunkers.”

Oh yes…by all means, stop people from building bunkers because some bad people might do some bad thing with it.  He basically said, “for the children”, a sentiment that has become so cliche it is almost beyond laughable.

Oddly enough, in California they actually do have some politicians who seem to “get it”.

City Councilman Tom Fuhrman logically points out:

“Criminal activity isn’t going to be stopped by not allowing people to build bunkers .A criminal will find a place to commit crime.”

No word if Councilman Fuhrman extends that logic to gun ownership but at least he can vocalize a logical statement so he’s a step ahead of most Californian politicians.

Maybe it’s just me, but when we give the government the ability to limit our inalienable rights and our ability to dig a hole in the ground of our own property, methinks we have given them too much power.


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