Colorado recall: Is you or is you ain’t my constituency?


First, let me say that I am excited about the Colorado recall election today.  I love to see representative democracy at work.  The kind that exists in a Republic in which those elected are held accountable to those they represent.

Furthermore, despite the lawsuits and strong arm tactics that those who are subject to the recall tried to put forth in order to deny democracy it’s due, liberty will have her day. But with all the hoopla and hyperbole on this election, one might miss what is actually on the line with today’s election.

The answer is: a small pebble.

Huh?!?! Allow me to elaborate.

If the recall succeeds then tangibly, two anti gun sitting members of the Colorado general assembly get replaced by vocally pro gun candidates. That’s about the extent of it.  The General assembly doesn’t change majority, there is no immediate revocation of all the damage that Morse and Giron helped contribute to.  Hickenlooper is still fully on board the crazy train to tyranny town.

A little dissappointing? Ahhh…but you know what you can do with a pebble? You can throw it in a lake.


It is the intangibles of this race that will have the biggest impact.  Like when a pebble is tossed into still water, the ripples it creates go far and wide.  So too, does this election have the potential.

If the recall succeeds, Bloomberg is hoisted on his own petard (ironically) thinking that he can push his nanny state, gun control tyranny on the rest of the country.  His $350,000 he put forward to try and squash the grassroots uprising in Colorado being for naught.  He’ll still have billions to waste but it will give his image as a player in national politics a serious black eye.

And while the law frowns upon me from punching the man in the face (and my own moral upbringing) I guess I will settle for him receiving a metaphorical shiner.

The ripples extend to the Capitals of other states as well.  A successful recall will keep skittish 2nd Amendment “supporters” in check and nip any anti gun thoughts in the bud in traditional pro gun states.

But a pebble does not make a tsunami in and of itself.  Cuomo and Bloomberg aren’t going to be run out on a rail in New York.  Massachusetts isn’t going to get back to its Revolutionary roots and embrace gun ownership with open arms.  California isn’t going to get out of it’s liberal induced haze and roll back those citizen punishing infringements. Those states will have to wait for a tsunami type event, be it a Supreme Court decision or a surprise election swing.

But in Colorado, where to General Assembly members are facing the wrath of their constituency the little pebbles can start the wave. From there, it is up to us to see what that wave turns into.

But for now, Morse and Giron have until 7pm until this question is answered:

Of course…if this recall election fails to remove these haters of the 2nd Amendment who the liberty of law abiding citizens…that ripple can go in a very unpleasing direction.

UPDATE:  Both Morse and Giron are recalled.  The pebble is cast, let us see how big the ripples get.  Morse made it close and only losing by only about 2% while Giron was pretty much run out of office on a rail a la Homer Stokes losing her recall election by roughly 15%.

Hmmm…shades of 1994 perhaps.  Gun control is a losing issue.  I hope the politicians who believe in gun control never realize that.  Easier to keep them out of office that way.

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