Starbucks CEO Shultz wants his overpriced macchiato and drink it too regarding guns

I never said Starbucks had to be pro-gun.

I completely accepted and respected their not taking a position in the gun/no-gun conversation with regards to their store.

Respecting state law in regards to whether firearms were allowed in their stores seemed perfectly reasonable and while I didn’t count them among business that support the 2nd Amendment outright I still appreciated the logical reason and lack of hostility they showed to gun owners.

CEO Howard Shultz basically crapped all over that.

I don’t want to mischaracterize Starbucks stance, they will not kick you out if you are carrying a firearm.

They just want you to know that you are not welcome in their store and they strongly advise you not to bring your firearm with you.

Apparently Shultz does not care for the numerous “Starbucks Appreciation Days” that 2nd Amendment supporters have been fostering.

That’s fine.  I for one WILL honor their request.  I mean, should a black man go to a Klan owned business that will serve them just because that business is legally forced too?  If Howard Shultz doesn’t want my patronage and is now openly hostile to me, then I will take my money to the other local cafe’s in Pittsburgh (and everywhere I travel) that don’t have a problem whatsoever with my 2nd Amendment rights.

Plus…they have better coffee that than overpriced swill at Starbucks.  Yeah..I know…easy to say now but seriously, there are better coffeehouses out there without the sneering condescension from their CEO’s.

Apparently many have agreed with me because the stock for Starbucks has plummeted so far today.

Starbucks Corporation

NASDAQ: SBUX – Sep 18 10:46am ET


This, after a steady and consistent rise ever since the first Starbucks Appreciation Day started in California back in 2009.

Starbucks Corporation

NASDAQ: SBUX – Sep 18 10:32am ET


I’ve no doubt that Startbucks would have continued on unencumbered with the patronage of gun owners if Shultz had just kept his trap shut but we gun owners tend to be a funny bunch.  We have this crazy notion that we want to spend our money on businesses that appreciate and respect us.

Now that Starbucks has made the official stance that it does not do either, I and many other gun owners will simply go elsewhere.

Ironically, I imagine that the gun control crowd that will champion Shultz’s words will not start to flock to Starbucks to show THEIR appreciation.  If the pictures of gun control rallies vs gun rights rallies is any indication.

I don’t know who got into Shultz’s ear about this but they probably need to be fired.  And no, not because of the gun issue.  Because this is just TERRIBLE business.  You decided to openly vent hostility towards the source of your company’s recent financial boom, yet don’t actually change your policy to fully satisfy the opposition who pushed for it in the first place.


A series of half measures and wishy-washiness pleases no one.  But, boneheaded as it is, if Starbucks wants me and the millions of other gun owners to take our money elsewhere in THIS economy…that is their prerogative.

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