The Journal News Not Only Hates Gun Owners But Is Apparently Racist Too

The Journal News, as you may recall, is the New York based newspaper that made national headlines by producing an interactive map detailing exactly where gun owners lived in Westchester and Rockland Counties.

While the newspaper’s hostility toward gun owners and disregard for people’s privacy is well documented the Journal News abject racism towards blacks has been only recently exposed.

In the Westchester County Executive race this fall, the Journal News has actively joined the election to suppress voices from blacks.  The incumbent, Republican Rob Astorino, who did not care for the Journal News’ invasion of his constituents privacy is up for re-election against Mayor of New Rochelle, Noam “Back of the Bus” Bramson.


Noam Bramson 

Yet when the New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice (a local org made up of prominent black citizens) bought a full page ad in the Journal News to highlight Bramson’s long history of hostility toward the Black Community, their money was accepted only to have the ad pulled at the last minute.

The full ad detailing Noam Bramsons repeated and long running hatred towards blacks can be seen here:  Click to see ad.

No explanation was given to why the Gannet Corporation (the company that owns the Journal News) had directed the Journal News not to run the ad.

Whether you are a gun owner, black or both, why anyone continues to read the rag that is the Journal News is beyond me.  Furthermore, by trying to silence the New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice the Journal News shows once again that it is on the wrong side of liberty.

On top of all that, for the people of Westchester county, this complicity in order to help himself get elected by silencing blacks once again shows how Noam achieved the moniker, “Back of the Bus” Bramson.

I hope that this November the Journal News and Bramson both get hoisted on their own petards.

Oh, and I should mention that Bramson, in addition to blacks hates guns.  He is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has accepted campaign contributions from Mayor Bloomberg and talks glowingly about all the good gun control does.

So on top of being a racist and a gun grabber he’s not too bright either.

For more information about the Lincoln Zuber Riders you can go to their website:


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