Who Needs a Gun? Paramedics. Ambulance CARJACKED in Philly w/ Patient in Back

Last week in Philadelphia an ambulance was carjacked on its way to a hospital.  The carjacker removed the two EMS personnel from the ambulance at gun point and drove off with a patient in the back.

The jacker, 25-year-old Brian Timothy Kada Jr, drove erratically, weaving in and out of freeway traffic and eventually having to abandon the ambulance after disabling it.  He fled on foot and was eventually arrested by police.

The patient in the back of the ambulance was shaken up but all together unharmed from the carjacking.

While fortunate no one was injured, this once again shows in whose hands gun control leaves power, because paramedics are disarmed while carjacking thugs could care less about gun control laws.

The rules of being licensed as a paramedic in Pennsylvania specifically state that as a paramedic you are prohibited from carrying a weapon to defend yourself.

The regulations covering this prohibition can be found in following PA Code:

1005.10 Licensure and general operating standards

(h) Weapons and explosives. Weapons and explosives may not be worn by ambulance personnel or carried aboard an ambulance.

Not only to stop random carjackings but there are a lot of reasons that paramedics would specifically be targeted by criminals and those who wish to do them harm.

While some are mundane like junkies looking to score some drugs or black marketeers looking for some high priced medical supplies, others are much more insidious and thereby more dangerous.

What if the ambulance is transporting a witness or a victim of domestic violence or a target of a violent attack and the person who committing the crime in question is not in police custody?

That leaves the ambulance, the paramedics and the patient in back with huge targets on them.  Sometimes there may be a cop with them, most times not.  And when it’s not, the paramedics are left disarmed at the will of criminals who actually have a vested interest in seeing them dead.

But no, if you are a paramedic you are not allowed to defend yourself, so you best hope that the carjacker, junkie, wife-beater, gang banger or murderer doesn’t feel like killing you because their discretion will be your only defense.

Well, I guess you could always try running away.

As for your patient though, I guess  the gun controllers just don’t care about them.

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