NY’s SAFE Act: Making It Safe For Bikers To Beat A Father Protecting His Family Half To Death

Gov. Cuomo’s keystone gun control legislation, the SAFE Act,, has lived up to its name by protecting a group of renegade bikers while they terrorized a family and beat the father half to death.

On the West Side Highway of New York City, in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight a biker gang known as the Hollywood Stuntz pulled in front of SUV of Alexian Lien and slowed to a stop.  At which point the biker gang began to smash the vehicle with their helmets and slashed the tires with knives while LIen’s wife and young child were trapped inside.  Lien, fearing for the safety of his family accelerated through the biker blockade, hitting several bikers, in his attempt to escape.

The Stuntz gave pursuit for 50 blocks before Lien’s slashed tires finally gave out and he had to get off the highway, at which point the biker gang pulled Lien from his car and beat him to the point that he needed to be hospitalized.

I guess we can thank both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act that no bikers were harmed in this situation.

Because that is what the SAFE Act and Bloomberg’s personal war on self defense has allowed.  A group of criminals can wantonly and without fear of repercussion use their superior numbers to terrorize and beat people to within an inch of their lives (or worse).

Not only is having a gun for self protection by a law abiding citizen all but illegal in New York City, the SAFE Act’s idiotic ammo limitations only affected a law abiding citizens in the first place.

Who needs a handgun with 15 rounds of ammo?  MAYBE THE INNOCENT GUY BEING CHASED BY 20 PLUS BIKERS OUT FOR BLOOD!

I am positive that if Mr. Lien was legally allowed to carry a handgun with a 15 round magazine or stored a sporting rifle in his SUV that this outcome would have ended much better for him.  A few shots is usually all it takes for a mob to lose its courage and reveal its cowardice.

These measures of the SAFE Act and Bloomberg’s de facto ban on firearms for the law abiding in the city are directly responsible for Mr. Lien’s inability to fight off a biker gang who were endangering his wife and child and ultimately put him in the hospital.

And as for waiting on Bloomberg’s police force to come and save you?  Don’t hold your breath.  I’m not talking about the adage “When seconds count police are minutes away”.  I’m talking about the fact that there was an officer THERE while the beat down was going on and he just stood there and watched.  New York’s Finest indeed.

So even when the police are there…that doesn’t mean that they’ll be “there”.  And Alexian Lien is left to fend for himself in the face of this:



And the Stuntz were nice enough to capture the chase and beginning of the beat down on video.



This is what the SAFE Act and gun control in general gets you.  I hope Cuomo is happy.


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