A few facts gun owners should keep in mind

There are a few factoids that gun owners should keep in mind.  These mental notes both remind gun owners of what is important and also are good conversation anecdotes to have with those who might not understand why gun ownership is such an important thing.

  1. Guns only have 2 enemies – rust and politicians.
  2. Gun effectiveness in regards to distance is on a bell curve.  If your target is too far your weapon is ineffective, too close and its effectiveness can be compromised
  3. The average response time of a 911 call is 13 minutes. The response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.
  4. You can either shoot and be judged by your peers or not shoot and take your chances with the goodness of the criminal.
  5. God made all men, Sam Colt made all men equal.  That’s even more true when you include women.
  6. Center mass for bad guys, head-shots for zombies.  If you aim for anything else, you’re wrong.
  7. Guns are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than they are to take lives.
  8. Nations with more guns have less crimes.  Cited from  a study published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.
  9. Nearly every US mass shooting in the past 60 years has taken place in a so called “gun free zone”.
  10. Guns are like fire extinguishers, you may not expect it, but if needed they both should be loaded, ready and accessible.

Just a small list to ruminate on with some points to bring up if anyone every questions why you are carrying a loaded handgun.


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