Not Gun Free and Proud Of It, Texas School Puts Up Best Sign Ever



This is a great sign and it will definitely be more effective at eliminating threats than the false flag of “Gun Free” Zone signs.

On top of the faculty actually having the tools in which to deal with an active shooter (who in other schools is welcomed to kill at will) the Shamrock Independent School District has also installed 30 new security cameras, an intercom system, and bulletproof windows.

This is one school that actually has taken serious and effective steps to prevent tragedies.  While ghouls such as Bloomberg and Giffords push their gun control agenda in order to disarm the law abiding by exploiting dead children, Shamrock has learned a real lesson from Sandy Hook.

That lesson is that imaginary force fields (gun free zones) and “feeling” safe doesn’t actually do a lick of good in stopping an armed person with evil intent.  After all, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I hope that Shamrock ISD never has to use their security system and final line of defense but I’m sure the parents of the 450 children who go there sleep a little easier at night knowing that there IS a defense.  

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