Brian Aitken: In NJ, even when you are innocent you’ll pay like you’re guilty

Brian Aitken had his life destroyed for doing something that all Americans are constitutionally guaranteed the right to do, owning a firearm. While moving to the draconian, gun-hating state of New Jersey, Brian was pulled over while transporting his gun to his new home. Guns are all but banned in New Jersey, save for under some special circumstances, one of which is moving a gun to a new residence. Even though Brian had done nothing illegal, he was sentenced to seven years in prison by a depraved activist judge. He was pardoned (not really, i’ll get to that later) after four months, but has been suffering from the fraudulent charges levied against him ever since.

Brian is still a convicted felon. He can’t travel to other countries, pass any type of background check, and worst of all, hasn’t been able to see his son in four years. Not only did Brian have four months of his life stolen from him, but his family as well. All this for doing absolutely nothing wrong.







After reading that article I realize that there are drug dealers, gang bangers and rapists who have gotten off with easier sentences than Mr. Aitken.  Once again proving that it isn’t crime control that the gun hating zealots are after but rather just control.  Unfortunately Brian Aitken has to continue to pay the price for their tyrannical dream.

And Aitken was not pardoned as many like to toss that word around but rather his sentence was “commuted”.   Gov. Chris Christie did not have the stones to do what was right and pardon Aitken outright but rather commuted his sentence, in other words said Aitken had served his time.

So that even after 4 months in prison on a trumped up bogus charge, Aitken is still technically an ex-con who committed a felony.  Hence he has to live like someone who committed a crime when in truth his only real crime was living in New Jersey.

Just another lesson for gun rights people, do NOT put all your hope in the court system.  It is not a guarantee that at the end of the day they will support the 2nd Amendment even though they should.

Let us elect people to office who will pass legislation that will abolish the criminalization of the law abiding simply for exercising their rights.

Law abiding gun owners don’t deserve the same fate that befell Brian Aitken.

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