Gun Control Fails to Save Teacher From Being Murdered by Bigger and Stronger Attacker

How was Danvers High math teacher Colleen Ritzer killed? With a box cutter by someone who was bigger and stronger than she was.

After school, the accused murderer, Philip Chism, followed her into the girls bathroom.  The “whys” of what happened are still being investigated, whether this was a rage killing or attempted rape has not yet been discovered but one thing was for certain, Ms. Ritzer was beaten and stabbed and never left that bathroom alive.

Video from the school showed Chism rolling a recycling bin through the school and it was found near where he dumped her body.

Danvers High School ... Pictured: Boy, 14, 'ca...

Danvers High School, Boy, 14, ‘caught on camera dragging teacher’s body into woods’ 

My question to the school and to the state of Massachusetts was, “how exactly was Ms. Ritzer supposed to survive?”

She was in a confined space, cornered with no place to escape, where an armed attacker who was bigger and stronger than she was began to beat her before pulling out a box cutter (which are against the rules to have in school) and ended her life.

If she was allowed to exercise her 2nd Amendment rights, if she was armed with a small handgun the size of her palm



could she have fought back and lived?  Yes…she could have.  Though nothing is certain she definitely wouldn’t be any worse off than she is now.

Unfortunately, Ms. Ritzer didn’t have that choice.  In Massachusetts, like schools in most states, she is denied her right to choose and as such the war on women that gun controllers wage continues.  Wherever women are disarmed they will be targets and victims to those who are bigger and stronger.

Gun Rights at its core is about equality.  Gun Control on the other hand, fosters a world where someone big and strong can murder with a box cutter, or a hammer, or a screwdriver anyone who is smaller and weaker than they are.  Even David was given a sling to shoot Goliath…lest that story have a very different ending.

While gun controllers would prefer to live in a world without guns, where rapists and murderers can do as they please to the smaller and weaker without fear of being stopped, I prefer to live in a world with more dead rapists shot by their would-be victims.

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