St. Helens School District erupts with common sense; Lifts ban on armed teachers

The St. Helens School Board in Oregon lifted a ban that had prevented teachers with concealed carry permits from carrying their guns on campus.

School board chairman Marshall Porter said, “The current law in Oregon allows for anyone to concealed carry on school grounds. To exclude our staff seems like they’re being punished. They should have a right to protect themselves if they choose.”

According to ABC News, the decision impacts seven schools within the St. Helens School District. This includes “two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and three alternative schools.”




The school board voted four to one to allow teachers with concealed carry to keep their guns with them on campus.

My question is what was that 1 nay voter thinking?

If you have a Concealed Handgun License in Oregon then schools from K-12 have no legal right to bar you from entering for carrying.  Did he think that keeping the teachers disarmed was somehow beneficial to the students?

We have all ready too many examples of so called “gun free” zones failing miserably and innocent people dying because of gun controllers faith put into the magic bubble of false protection that GFZ’s provide.

Yet, while Oregon’s recognition of the 2nd Amendment in schools deals mostly with refraining from criminalizing law abiding parents for simply exercising their right to keep and bear arms, if the time came when some criminal sought to do evil, it would be the teachers who would be able to stop tragedy.

80% of the school board realized that.  Board Chairman Porter said he voted in the majority because he has kids in these schools and if “something was to happen, and there’s a chance that a teacher might be able to protect them, I’m fine with that.”

Sometimes we toss in the entire west coast in with the inanity of California, but in places such as St. Helens Oregon, it seems that common sense is taking a foothold.

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