Did the TSA have it coming? LAX, an inevitability?

When I ask if the TSA had it coming, i’m not referring to the TSA official, Geraldo Hernandez, who lost his life in Los Angeles at the hands of alleged shooter Paul Ciancia, but rather did the way the TSA as an organization harass, molest, humiliate and intimidate people over the last decade lead to this as an inevitability.

Are the TSA and it’s agents little more than the bullies we find in situations like Taft Union High Schol and New Bedford Massachusetts?

Situations where those being bullied and picked on eventually were driven to crazed acts with terrible consequences.

I’m not condoning their actions, but I see public service announcements every day decrying the evils of bullying and how people should not tolerate it.  I shake my head because, just like real life, telling someone usually just makes it worse.

If you don’t stand up against a bully but rather just tell on them, they will wait till no one is around to bully you harder.

So too will the TSA hammer down on you for telling on them.

From the slight attempts at humiliation for opting out of their cancer causing full body scans and subsequent retaliatory wait times, to being placed on no-fly lists or just being prevented from flying arbitrarily because you complain about the injustice of it all.

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So with all this bullying by a government agency with seemingly no recourse, is it a wonder that someone would have enough and crack?

And to be clear, this wasn’t a mass shooting where a shooter just wants to kill everyone in his path, but rather a targeted attack.    The shooter asked people if they worked for the TSA and if they didn’t were allowed to leave unharmed.  The man had targets and didn’t kill indiscriminately.  He was going after the TSA in the only way his altered mind could comprehend.

For years upon years we have suffered the infringements of our rights; our First Amendment Right will cost us the flight we wish to make so we must stay muzzled as these abuses happen before us, our Fourth Amendment Right is apparently a bartered good that must be traded for the ability to fly and so too is our general right to human decency attacked by this rogue agency.

So my question is this?  If we blame bullying when a kid lashes out and kills at school, should we not also blame the TSA when they push someone over the edge?

I say we do and unless some serious changes occur with the TSA and rights are restored to law abiding citizens, I fear this will not be the last time someone will take the matter to this extreme.



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