The Importance of the Virginia Governor’s Race

Voters in Virginia are set to hit the polls tomorrow to vote on who will lead them for the next four years.

For the Democrats you have Terry McAuliffe and for the Republicans Ken Cuccinelli.

With voters hitting the ballot box within 24 hours one wonders, ‘How does this effect gun owners in both Virginia and the rest of the country?’

The answer has many facets.  First you have the fact that Terry McAuliffe is a rabid gun control supporter.  That is no surprise as many Democrats who run for office are.  What is a surprising is that McAuliffe is vocally running his campaign as a rabid gun control proponent…in VIRGINIA.

If McAuliffe ends up winning this election folks like Bloomberg and Soros will see that gun control champions might be a winning bet again and begin flowing more millions of dollars into campaigns across the country.  Any statement/momentum made in the Colorado recall election for liberty might be halted if an unapologetic vocal proponent of gun control can win in the land of Washington and Jefferson.

From McAullife’s own website:

As Governor, Terry will support mainstream and majority supported gun control measures like universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, and a return to the 1-gun-per-month rule.

Was anyone even talking about the 1-gun per month rule?  This is the danger of McAuliffe winning.  It will give ideas to legislatures across the country.  Personally, i’ve never bought more than 1 gun in a month, but the fact that I can is something that needs to be protected.

Think if someone said, “You are only protected from 1 unreasonable search and seizure a month, once you use your pass then we can unreasonably search you and seize anything we want”…or “you are limited to making one statement a month after that you must be silenced.”

How hampering the free exercise of law abiding people from buying more than one gun a month will do anything to reduce crime is beyond me. But these are just the sort of “common sense” gun control laws that, if they get validated with a McAuliffe win, may start popping up around the country.  And if less informed voters who, while being for the 2nd Amendment, see no need to buy more than 1 gun a month may actually fall for the gun controllers lies.

Just like the lie that reducing the size of magazines for the law abiding will somehow stop criminals from using them.

So let us look at Ken Cuccinelli.  Some gun owners have given him lukewarm if not outright hostile reception.


Because back in 2011 Cuccinelli defended the ban of guns on the campuses of Virginia’s Public Universities.


Yes yes…got that out of your system?

Here’s how it really plays.  Cuccinelli, as Virginia’s Attorney General did defend the ban before the VA Supreme Court, AS HE IS REQUIRED TO DO.  It’s his job.  He was steadfastly against it.  He wrote an opinion before the trial stating that the Universities did not have the power to ban guns and after the trial publically stated that the Universities were crazy to do so.

So what are gun owners really upset with?  That the man has the moral character to do his job?

Would you rather have people in power who shirk the responsibility of their office when they don’t like it.  If you do then move to California.  California’s voters passed a law banning gay marriages but since some like democracy only when they win a group sued saying the law was unconstitutional.  California’s Attorney General’s response?  Ok.  We won’t fight it.

That’s what you get when you have people in charge with no moral character.  Despots who can overturn the will the majority to placate a losing minority.

Hey, sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t work for you.  But to abandon Ken Cuccinelli and label him anti-gun because he did the job he was required to do is both insincere and foolhardy.

If the voters of Old Dominion don’t realize that, then Virginia and the rest of the country will spend the next 4 years seeing just how foolish.


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