Gun Hating Principal Bans Mother From School For Having A CCW Permit

Janina Dallas, the principal of McBean Elementary School in Hephzibah, GA,  has involved the police department in banning a student’s mother from the buildings and school property.

The mother banned is Tanya Mount.  What did Tanya do that was so dangerous that it warranted Dallas taking these extreme measures?

Mount took a picture of her recently issued Georgia CCW and posted it on facebook.



While I wouldn’t have posted my carry permit or any form of ID on social media there is no crime in that.  And if Mount was excited by getting hers and wanted to show her friends then I do not see the harm.

Yet, Mount, an Army veteran, soon would discover what harm an irrational, hoplophobic administrator on a power trip can cause.

The Principal, Janina Dallas, was somehow made aware of the photo showing that Mount had her CCW and as such contacted police to issue a trespassing warning.  Effectively meaning that if Mount were to be on school property again she would be subject to arrest.

Mount, who was a volunteer at the school for her disabled daughter, was blindsided and recounts the conversation she had with the police officer who spoke to her about it:

“The principal is scared of you and she doesn’t want you on the grounds. I ask for what? And he asks were you in the Army and I said yes. He’s like do you have a concealed weapons permit? I said yes”

Apparently, in Hephzibah, GA, being in the army and having your CCW makes you a danger to society and therefore it is somehow acceptable to ban you from school grounds.

What does Dallas say in her defense?

“There have been a number of school shootings in our country. And inevitably, people will say they saw signs and things of that nature after the fact.”

A few problems with this crock of bs.  If Mount, or anyone really, were intent on doing harm, being “banned” from school grounds is as effective as school grounds being a gun free zone.

Since Georgia all ready has a law barring people from carrying firearms in school, why doesn’t this principal feel safe?

How does this principal get away with this garbage?  Mount was nothing but a model parent volunteering at the school with no word against her (until this photo surfaced), no evidence of dangerous activity or being anything other than a benefit and a loving mother engaged in her daughters education.

How a power-mad, gun and soldier hating despot like Janina Dallas is allowed to keep her job after such an abuse of power, in GEORGIA of all places, is beyond me.

Fortunately, Mount has since removed her daughter from  McBean elementary and transferred her to another school in the district, where hopefully she will not be infected with the vile and disgusting ideology of intolerance of people like Janina Dallas.

Tanya Mount is demanding an apology for having this principal, who styles herself as an all powerful potentate able to dismiss people from her “kingdom” on a whim, treat her so disrespectfully.

I hope that Mount not only gets her apology but that the school district re-evaluates Dallas’ tenure with them and rightfully finds that she is no longer fit to be gainfully employed.

I won’t hold my breath but here’s to hoping.

Anyone who would like to respectfully express their opinion and displeasure on the Principal Dallas’ ridiculous actions can email her directly at: [email protected]

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