Technology has arrived that completely undercuts the pretense of Gun Control

Gun Control advocates have long contended that gun control’s main objective is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Of course, we know that as a lie because the notion that a criminal will follow gun control laws is woefully naive at best.  The only people who follow gun control laws are the law abiding and it is they who suffer their rights being infringed.

But the technology has finally arrived that blasts the Gun Controllers cover story to pieces.

You may have heard of 3D printed guns.  Originally they were guns made of plastic created on a 3D printer where all you need is a program and some plastic.  Known  as the Liberator this plastic gun was as ugly as it was ineffective.

Liberator, safe version

Liberator, safe version (Photo credit: Gastev)

While it would shoot, its longevity was closer to a one-off than a reliable long lasting firearm.  Yet even with the liberator, the defense of gun control was shaken, for sometimes a criminal only needs one bullet, depending on his crime.  It also set the foundation for the technology to improve.

Now, the little toy gun that could, has been taken to the next level by a company in Austin TX called Solid Concepts. Solid Concepts have successfully printed the first working all metal gun.

Components for the first ever working 3D Printed metal gun.

So what does this mean for gun control?  It means that instead of being a skilled gunsmith who needs a lot of materials, equipment and space to build handguns, a criminal can get rich by buying a 3D printer, blocks of metal and downloading some software and just pump these things out like wedding invitations.

The question now becomes; why would criminals even THINK about going through all the rigamarole of buying a legal gun illegally when they can just print one out with no paper trail, no background checks, no serial numbers etc.

At this point the only legitimate reason would be cost.  While the Liberator was designed to be made by a persons home 3D printer, Solid Concepts printer is more industrial which makes it is more expensive.

But do I envision every banger on the street to become a DIY gunsmith?  Of course not.  Rather, I see a new niche market emerging where an enterprising criminal, or cabal of criminals, will pool their money and buy the industrial machine in order to start the black market business.

No doubt the controllers will think to start requiring licenses and background checks for purchasing 3D printers.  But much like their utter failure with controlling guns, so too will they fail at this.  Criminals will simply steal the printers and set up their cottage industry in a basement or a walk in closet and no one will be the wiser.

Working, functioning, all metal guns has sounded the death knell for gun controls plausibility.  No doubt it will stick around because of the gun control zealots fevered dream of controlling people but any ground they still had to stand upon when arguing WHY we need gun control to sane people has just crumbled beneath their feet.

Personally, I think the 3D gun is great.  Every time the government is pushed back  from the idea that they can micromanage and control the lives of the people is a win for the people.

Below is a piece from Solid Concepts showing their metal printed gun with some test firing.

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