Would a Kennedy Conspiracy have occurred today?

Fifty years ago today our 35th President was shot and killed in Dallas.

For the past 50 years questions about who did it have persisted and the cover up has gone from extensive to downright legendary.

As I was watching cable news this morning a political pundit was being asked to recall his day when Kennedy was shot.  Something he said really jumped out at me.  The pundit recounted that he gathered around the television with his family to watch one of the three networks.  He then highlighted that there was no internet, or blogs or twitter at the time so the only source of news was the big three channels.

This got me thinking, perhaps that was the problem.

How many times in recent years have the big 3 networks been snowballed by the government, fed some BS story to cover up something the government didn’t want anyone to know?

And how many times has it been the internet blogger, the innocuous tweet, the youtube video that broke the floodgates down and cast a light into the dark recesses of government secrecy?

What if there was Wikileaks back in the ’60’s.  What if instead of a handful of video recorders there were THOUSANDS of cell phones that downloaded the shooting to youtube before they could be confiscated by the government?

What if there were avenues for witnesses to speak about what they heard before they were silenced.

If the technology and social media of today was available in 1963, would we know who killed Kennedy if it really wasn’t Oswald?

If there was an outlet for individuals to reach out and discovery the truth for themselves rather than huddling around a tv with a “choice” of 3 networks that were all giving them the same story, would we have answers?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  But at the very least we would have better questions.

As for the man himself.  I don’t dislike Kennedy.  He had the moral failings of Bill Clinton but the political leanings are closer Ronald Reagan than the Democrat Socialist Party of today.  In fact as time passes my appreciation for him grows.  Of course he would be unelectable today as a Democrat but would be pretty appealing as a moderate Republican.  I mean really, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”?  How does such notions fit today in an Obamanation.

John F. Kennedy

Cover of John F. Kennedy

It was a shame that he was struck down so young and before his stamp on the presidency could be secured.  When he spoke of hope I believe he meant it.  The difference between JFK and Obama is that the change Kennedy was pushing was for a BETTER America, the change Obama has conned his way with is for a DIFFERENT America.


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