Private Gun Sales Are The Lynchpin of Liberty

There has been much talk from gun controllers about “common sense” gun control measures such as closing the so called gun show loophole and outlawing private sales of firearms between two people.

Or the meltdown gun controllers are having over the private sale of firearms via instagram.

You can read that story at Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

There are some usually level headed people who are buying into the controllers bunk and ask me what my problem is with the government checking in on the transactions of private citizens.

My answer is quite easy to digest.  The government cannot be allowed to know, track and record every firearm transaction made.  The sake of our liberty demands that the government have a blind spot.

The alternative is that they know the quantity, quality and model of every firearm that every law abiding citizen possesses.  The government doesn’t need to call it a Gun Registration for it to be, in reality, a gun registry.

In my home state of Pennsylvania I am sorry to say that such a de facto registry exists.  Though our State Supreme Court ruled that a Gun Registry is unconstitutional the state police still have a database of every handgun purchased in the state. They claim it cannot be a gun registry because it is not complete as you are not required to register your gun when you move to the commonwealth.  As such, that legal judo has yet to be successfully challenged and the database remains.

If even a gun friendly state like Pennsylvania allows such insincerity with regards to the spirit of judicial rulings what hope does a great number of states less friendly to liberty have let alone the federal government run by a vindictive and gun hating potentate?

One can see the results of such an outcome if we look to Wisconsin.

Dozens of conservative groups that support Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker have been subpoenaed by a special prosecutor demanding donor lists and other documents pertaining to their backing of Walker’s union overhaul and recall fight.  Those who have been subpoenead have been barred from talking about it publicly. 

Though it doesn’t have anything to do with guns, this secret probe is exactly the kind of actions that can be taken by a power mad despot who decides to gut the 2nd Amendment and come for our guns.

In Wisconsin, a secret probe is demanding donors lists and supporting documents just because those groups supported a politician who bucked the status quo.

If turned to gun owners, such a secret probe could easily subpoena gun shops and gun shows and everyone who has kept a record of gun sales and demand those lists.  In that way the gun registry all ready exists.  And with devious intent a shadow persecution of gun owners could take place before we were ever aware of it.  Our first inkling could very well come in the form of a no-knock warrant executed in the dead of the night,  issued by a secret court granted to a secret prosecutor.

What happened to America?

Think about how quickly the information gleamed from gun shops around the country could be used to try and stamp out the people who exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Yet as of today, three groups would still have their firearms.

  • The government because that’s the whole point of gun control
  • The criminals because gun control doesn’t affect them
  • Those who buy their guns via private sales whom the government has no record of and no way to put them on a list.

It is the final group that may yet keep America free.  If the government does not know how many of these guns are out there they will hesitate before spurring on a Civil War.

Yet, if they have a complete registry of every gun that every law abiding citizen in the country owns then they have their very own “How To Disarm A Country and Enslave The People” Guide.

Secret probes, vindictive and tyrannical leaders, midnight raids and no-knock warrants issued by secret courts…these are the reasons that private sales of firearms are necessary.  For knowledge is power and what the government doesn’t know might just save us all.

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