Inventor proves TSA security is a fraud, builds blunderbuss shotgun in the airport AFTER the checkpoint

I have long argued that the TSA is just theatre and offers no real protection.  In fact, the TSA makes America a more dangerous place to live since it desensitizes Americans to having their liberties infringed, their 4th Amendment rights erased and normalizes the surrender of these freedoms to the “authority”.

But these are philosophical arguments on what it means to be free.  Pretty much everyone can agree that the TSA failing to stop someone from bringing a sawed off shotgun into an airport is a failure on their part.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for guns on planes (would’ve made a difference on 9/11), but if the TSA is there to stop such things, one ingenious inventor has come up with a firearm that not only casts a spotlight on the fraud that the TSA is peddling but also how silly the notion of feeling safe is compared to actually being safe.

A great deal of people “feel” safe with the TSA in place.  I prefer to be safe and to prove my point, inventor Evan Booth has designed a firearm that blows away the notion of “feeling” safe.

With parts that he bought wholly from the terminal AFTER passing through the invasive and pointless danse inane of the TSA he built a modern day blunderbuss.




Using the simple materials purchased for only a few dollars after passing through the Mr. Goodtimes grope fest, Booth has built a rudimentary but effective firearm that fires shot instead of bullets.  In the demonstration below he fires loose change clean through a piece of drywall.

Now, the test may make it look like the shooter would have blown himself up but that had more to do with the lack of a firm grip on the blunderbuss.  But even if that weren’t the case and it was a bomb, the people the TSA are primarily in charge of protecting us from are TERRORISTS.  9/11 proved that they are fine with one way trips.

5 guys making these in the bathroom of a terminal can walk out, light them up,  just walk up to people and blast a handful of pocket change right through them.  If the shooter isn’t burned up too badly he can go ahead and reload while his cohorts are blasting other people in the chaos.

That’s just in the terminal.  It would be easy enough to get these firearms onto a plane along with some other surprises.  Booth also has a recipe for a coffee mug hand grenade that is also purchased solely from items purchased in the “safe” area of the terminal.

Will we see boycotts of batteries, magazines, and condoms in terminals?  I’m sure some gun controller is just wetting themselves after viewing this and is thinking to do just that.

The point is that the TSA is more trouble than they are worth.  The cost is too great.  In both the money we spend to fund them and the cost of this country’s soul it takes to suffer them to exist.


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