Even if you’re right, don’t hold your breath for the media to be fair

A look at the media, especially the ones with heavy liberal bias like MSNBC, the Washington Post and NPR Radio, one would think that blood runs in the street and everyone is walking around with machine guns and that were purchased at “evil” gun shows.  Not only do media outlets sensationalize and overplay gun crime they do something even more disingenuous by hardly ever covering the many times when guns save lives.

I used to think that this was solely an anti-gun mindset that the liberal media held and therefore would only cover stories that made guns and gun owners look bad.  But that is only half the tale.  It’s not just about guns, but rather the media only covers stories that fit into their chosen narrative.

For instance, the Knockout “game” has been going on since last year, yet it has hardly gotten any coverage.  Why?  Because it is primarily black people attacking and brutalizing white people.  The media doesn’t really like that narrative so they choose not to cover it.  And honestly, if it were groups of white people knocking out random black people it would be the top story running continuously for months.

There is an even bigger example that just took place on how selective the media is.  An example that shows a person involved in an incident that is being played out in the court of public opinion can never trust the media to be fair if such an incident doesn’t agree with their narrative.  The media’s bias is shown not only in the way stories are covered but also in deciding which stories GET covered.

And no, I’m not talking about the railroading of George Zimmerman of whom, if the media had known he was half Peruvian and looked it, probably wouldn’t have made headlines to begin with.

No, I’m referring to the 3 white lacrosse players from Duke that were accused of raping a black stripper in 2006.  In case you haven’t heard there has been a development in the case.

The story was sensationalized, it was reported as if they were guilty with the narrative of 3 privileged white guys raping a hard working black stripper.  I mean really, the media just poured it on with the race card, class warfare, the notion of misogyny etc.  These three guys were crucified for months.

Of course, the charges were dropped because the stripper had lied, yet she gets a pass and wasn’t charged with anything.  After all that, the only one charged with a crime was the lead prosecutor, Mike Nifong, who was disbarred and charge with criminal contempt of court for trying to railroad the 3 lacrosse players.

But let’s just say that is business as usual.  I doubt I had to really recount that story for many people because it was blanketed on the news, I mean there were 160 national television news stories about it during the first 5 days of the false accusation.

But it is with the new development of the case that the double standard roars to life.  The stripper, Crystal Mangum, has just been found guilty of MURDER by stabbing her boyfriend to death.  So not only was she a liar but she’s also a murderer.  That verdict came back on Nov. 22nd, in the 5 full days since a grand total of 3 news stories have been done.  That is a drop of coverage of 5,233%.  This was no small decision, this was 2nd Degree MURDER and she was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

You would think the false accuser who tried to ruin 3 lives would have warranted a little coverage when she MURDERED someone.  But no, it doesn’t fit into the narrative that the media wants to sensationalize so it goes largely unreported.  Of those 3 stories, 1 was from Foxnews and the other 2 were at CNN.  Little surprise that MSNBC and NPR were silent on the issue.

My point is that if you are a gun owner (or really anyone) who find themselves in a situation where you are in the right but the media will profit on painting you as wrong they are going to do so.  An unbiased media has always been a pipe dream, but now media has an active agenda and chances are it will be against you.  Ignore that at your own peril.


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