Be Wary, Be Ready, Be Armed.

With all the random acts of violence out there in the world, this holiday season brings two distinct things to two distinct groups.  To many it is a time of gladness and joy over the birth of Christ or the miracle of Hanukkah.  To others it is an opportunity to commit crime or acts of evil.

I remember a quote attributed to a bank robber back in the day.  When asked by a reporter why he robbed banks the bank robber replied “because that’s where the money is”.

So too, during our festive holiday buying fest, will those with evil intent find the things they desire; namely targets and opportunity.  For a mass shooter there really isn’t a better time or place than during holiday shopping at a mall to go off.  Most malls follow the inane policy of being “gun free zones”, they’re jam packed with people who aren’t paying attention and the security tops out at a couple of guys with flashlights and a radio.

It’s basically a ticking time bomb waiting for some crackpot to try and make himself infamous by racking up a huge body count.  To a lesser degree these places (specifically the parking lots) are places where violent criminals can take advantage of the season to rob those with money or goods, rape those under the cover of an early night, or just carjack the entire kit and kaboodle because people are focusing on sales and lists and not paying attention to their own well being let alone the well being of others.

That is where the advice of “Be Wary, Be Ready, Be Armed” comes into play.

In accordance with Minnesota Law, Mall of Amer...

In accordance with Minnesota Law, Mall of America Bans Guns in these premises. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One should never go blindly unaware into society.  It would be like watching a movie on a laptop while driving and saying “the road is pretty straight, I should be fine.”  Don’t get so wrapped up in the holiday hubub that you blithely flow with the euphoria of the season.  As I wrote about before, being unaware is how the twisted and depraved game of Knockout is allowed to continue.  If you are on the lookout, perhaps you can see a dangerous situation develop and have time to do something to save yourself.

Being ready isn’t much more than a state of mind.  To be ready, one must just accept that they will perform an action to defend themselves and live with the consequences.  Being ready for a deer who runs out into the middle of the road is the acknowledgement that you will either hit the deer because that is the safer thing to do or that you will try and swerve out of the way because that is what you decide to do.  Either way, you must be ready to perform the action and live with the consequences.  Freezing or hesitating is the worst thing to do.

Finally, being armed is pretty self explanatory.  I go armed everywhere that it is legally allowable to be armed at.  In Pennsylvania, that pretty much means anything other than Courthouses and Federal Buildings.  Do I go to the mall armed?  Yep.  Maybe the mall is a gun free zone, but until someone tells me otherwise and asks me to leave I won’t allow the mall’s idiocy to endanger my life.  I won’t be a sacrificial lamb for their gun hating ass-backwards policy.  Especially when, if I were to voluntarily give up being armed while in a mall, a mass shooter shot up the place and killed me, the gun controllers would come out in force and use my death as a reason for MORE gun control.

Think about that.  You enter a place that is a gun free zone, a mall, a movie theatre, a school etc. and you abide the policy and voluntarily disarm yourself and are then killed by a criminal who ignored the same policy, the gun haters will use YOU as propaganda to promote the same gun control policies that got you killed in the first place.

So, in the free states that still remain in America I will carry where I darn well please.  If you do the same I assure you the chances of you being murdered by a mass shooter will be significantly lower than in oppressing liberty hating states like New York and New Jersey or by following silly and dangerous “gun free zone” signs.

Just some advice this holiday buying season.


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