Tragedy and Irony shouldn’t be used to limit Liberty

In a tragic irony, Paul Walker, famed actor from the high speed car chase movie franchise  “Fast and Furious”,  lost his life Saturday in a motor vehicle crash.  The crash and subsequent explosion might as well have been out of one of his movies for it hardly seemed real.  The aftermath of the crash and fireball are below.



Obit Paul Walker


Now, i’m actually saddened by the loss of Paul Walker.  I liked his movies.  Sure, he wasn’t a young Marlon Brando but he had found his niche and his flicks were good fun most the time.

What I don’t like is the hypocrisy.  If Paul Walker and his friend shot each other in a murder suicide, or a had an accident with a firearm that resulted in one or the other being killed there would be HUGE outrage by the gun controllers demanding that we outlaw the guns involved.  That new laws must be placed on the books in order to prevent more gun tragedies.  That the infringement of liberty on the masses is all right so long as it saves ONE life and so on.

I get angry when I think about the utter silence from those who claim that they are for saving lives by outlawing firearm magazines that hold more than 7 bullets, yet will remain silent while the Porsche Carrera GT has a top speed of 205 mile per hour.

I can make a stronger argument that a car only needs to go that fast in order to evade police after committing a crime than the gun controller can against the limited magazines or bans on so called “assault” weapons.

Let alone the fact that innocent people are more likely to be killed by an automobile than by a firearm.  I say innocent people because gun controllers like to pad the numbers of gun deaths to include suicides and gang on gang violence.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating bans on fast cars.  Putting a governor on a Porsche is a crime in and of itself.

The point I am trying to make is that tragedies happen.  But when they do, one should not exploit the tragedy by seeking to impose their will on others like some day walking ghoul.

Freedom and Liberty inherently come with risks.  You don’t burn the constitution because someone used a gun illegally, nor do you outlaw all cars that go over 55 mph because someone wrapped their sports car around a tree.



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