The NFL Promotes Sex and Booze, Bans Self Reliance in Super Bowl Ads

The NFL has banned an advertisement of a gun vendor from the Super Bowl.

Was the ad promoting violence and a disregard for human life and went beyond all human decency?  Hardly.  It didn’t even have a gun in the ad, simply a man saying that it was his right to protect his family in the manner of his choosing.

You can see the ad in its entirety below:

You know what I see in that commercial?  A man taking responsibility for protecting his family.

The NFL though, somehow sees this as too offensive.  The hypocrisy of that stance is galling.  The fact that the NFL would have the nerve to say a man speaking existentially about protecting his family is offensive while still promoting alcohol guzzling ads of beer companies and ubiqutious strip teases of is pathetic.

Here’s a taste of what the NFL deems appropriate


So, promoting sex, alcohol and more sex is somehow ok, but a good message about self reliance by a family man is beyond the pale?

The NFL should be ashamed of themselves.  I’m not FOR banning the beer guzzling ads and the sexual pandering of but to quote Stephen Hopkins from 1776:

 Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything.

What is the NFL afraid of, that people might actually come to realize that not relying on 911 and the government to protect them is a normal mindset?  That gun ownership is reasonable and that people should rely on themselves before giving over their lives to be coddled in the hands of the government?

THAT is offensive?  Maybe…to the government and those who want power to be bestowed upon them unquestioningly.  Shame on the NFL for being the water carrier of such an agenda.


Since my youtube channel doesn’t launch until the new year I thought I would add one more video of fellow gun rights advocate Colion Noir addressing the NFL’s hypocrisy in a different way; focusing on its half time shows, bogus claims of being non-political (Bloomberg, Costas) and the very nature of the game.


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